Hunters should use Focus instead of mana

Why are we still using that outdated power pool of mana?

Hunters are #1 DPS right now, they should swap from mana to focus so we can balance their DPS. Isnt this in line with Rage normalization?

Since hunters are first overall in P2 and P3, why not change their power to focus, this way we can control their out of control DPS.

They were not in p1 after nerfs, p2 after nerfs, and will be overtaken by warriors and rogues in p3 due to scaling. Once the rest of those classes get gear they will take over. Stop spreading nonsense.


yeah warriors gonna scale so hard with +3 more agility brother

hunters are cooked you need to be tamed. 3 button rotation with 0 CD’s

meanwhile warrior has to pop Dflask at the right time, Death wish, helm, belt, Flagellation and recklessness to even set up our DPS lmao

ur absolutely fried

They are literally within 3 % of warriors and rogue you idiot. Also have you seen the meta for warrior tanks? Literally delusional posts.

Dose it really matter mana or focus?

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All the class balance stuff should probably just wait until we get level 60. There was always going to be class imbalance across the board in every phase. The only time it’s an issue is when there’s legitimately broken mechanics like there was with Shamans Hunters and Priests.

Pretending like warrior is hard is hilarious. Play a ranged hunter and let me know how that goes. (You are of course right that m*lee hunter is 2 button 75IQ).

It is, however warrior is not some complicated spec either. Melee hunter is boring just the same. Literally a macro solves it.

you’re playing classic. not retail. hth :roll_eyes:

warrior is the hardest class to play lmao yall are cooked

name 1 class that has more mechanics than warrior

I play warrior just the same, I’m more worried bout getting a defensive like ams ignore pain or reflect. Warriors are fine right now.

Literally delusional. Stance dancing is literally a one button macro + wa, there is nothing complicated.

None of these classes are hard to play… It’s vanilla with like 2 extra buttons. Nothing is hard to play…

“which class is teh hardest to play” is the wrong question :expressionless:

what’s hard about warriors is leveling and doing things out in the world solo. not their rotation

name a class thats harder to play

ur fried

I dunno maybe it’s just I always play healer or tank but you people arguing over should be #1 number seems real stupid… Like tank’s and healers dont talk about ranking, we talk about viability. We can pick any 15 of you and clear ST. It’s not hard, you all do more than enough dps to clear content. Arguing over this class does more is just dumb. Also war are #1 dps so just stating wrong info makes you look like an idiot. Like if any dps class needs a buff it’s shadow or arcane as you could double their dps and they still wouldn’t be number 1.

Tank and healer parses are a meme thats why you dont talk about them

if u wanna pad healer meters you just have a warlock tap

or let the tank take more damage

Ranged hunter

You actually have to aim your abilities for lock and load procs on diceptive hit boxes, you cant just press macroed abilities that stance dance for you. While maintaining sniper training, while maintaining pet, while maintaining focus fire, while not clipping an auto shot, while avoiding mechanics, and target swapping depending on fight to maintain snapshotted serpent sting.


Maintaining sniper training is 1000x easier than CBR. Stop the cap.

Warriors have a weapon swing to watch out for too LOL

“while avoiding mechanics” youre ranged. WHAT MECHANICS LOL


Focus is loldumb and belongs in the loldumb dumpster that is Cataclysm.