Hunters Need To Be Refunded For Nerfs

Why is it that Blizzard thinks they can just change THE STATS ON things like a LEGENDARY that we PAID FOR with MATERIALS and GOLD?

This isn’t a baseline talent.

This is something we had to MAKE A DECISION FOR between other things.


15 to 5 seconds is drastically changing the legendary and it SHOULD BE REFUNDED PERIOD.


What they did made sense, but if I’d just spent a ton of mats and bought a base item because it had a great bonus that was then reduced by 2/3, I’d be pretty choked.

…you forgot to add in the amount of money you want for your time as well if you are to make such demands. Oh, oh…pain and suffering (you are definitely undergoing some pain here).

Big bucks! BIG BUCKS!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Craven being adjusted isn’t the issue. It’s the timing of it being adjusted. Craven was busted. But the issue is they’re nerfing it now this late in a season when we’ve been calling for it to be adjusted for literal seasons because anyone who had been bleed or dot focused simply didn’t exist in the face of hunters in PvP. A major shift like a legendary focus should have happened at the end of season 1. Not at the tail end of an in-progress season 2 seasons later.

Better late than never I guess.


You’re playing a druid.

Probably the easiest class on training wheels.

Ironic that most of you druid players would have never touched a druid before they were dumbed down in TBC :rofl:

They went from least played, to overplayed in the matter of one expansion.

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This doesn’t feel like a REEEEEEE!!! moment to me.

I am playing a Druid! I truly am! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now go get yourself a 4k arena rating by playing a druid.

Notice I didn’t say by being good.

Blizzard fix was making it so legendaries were cheap to get by now, they won’t just give refund because they nerf.

the fact we had to spend gold at all was so fail lol get outta here. they fail so hard give a refund and actualy mean it next time you say never bringing back legendaries again. i still remember that 500k i paid cause legendaries were dumb at that start. least they could do is give refund or actually test things and it wouldn’t been the way it was in the first place class dev failure.


No. The nerf has been needed since day 1

Blizzard wrote:

It was “frustrating” players.

Not that it was overpowered.

You know what that means?

It means you are and everyone else complaining about it are “bad” but you complained so much Blizzard nerfed it.


They wrote they changed it because it was “frustrating” terrible players.

It means that you’re bitter that it can’t carry you anymore. Keep whining and feeding me tears. LOVING IT!

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Aww someone is mad their cheese Lego that was useful for two years got adjusted. Poor you.

So the thing is that’s the risk you take when you use something that’s known for players QQing about. Whether an item, a spec, an entire class. The solution is to be aware that chasing meta may get you burned

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I was doing arenas without that legendary so if you think I can’t tell that most of you just make excuses for why you are bad think again.

“I can’t be losing because I’m bad…it must be because of this hunter talent.”

Trust me, if that was your issue, this nerf is not really going to help you.

They would have to remove the entire thing.

Have fun getting clapped!


The whining for a lego that NEEDED a nerf since day 1 is pretty amusing. Keep making me laugh

They should refund costs for the leggo.

Since its pretty clear that the character chose that leggo due to its power. So by nerfing it substantially, that forces the player to change leggos, and requires a refund.

Again, no.

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Again, yes.

Go figure blizz nerfs my 0 cd fd torghast build into the freaking ground. Now i can only pretend to be dead every 10s. LITERALLY UNPALLYABLE JAGEX.