Hunters HATE 9.0 Hunter's Mark

Yes, it will hurt the game overall, and yes the vast majority (~85%+) of hunters hate 9.0 Hunter’s Mark. That doesn’t matter, they made up their minds, and only overwhelmingly negative feedback in the live game will change that. Maybe patch 9.2.

The devs are largely uninterested in design feedback during betas. They never have been-- I’ve been in alphas and betas for the past several expansions, so I can say that with complete confidence. Betas are for bug reports and stress tests. If your design feedback happens to hit a dev who agrees and champions the change, it happens.

But if their minds are made up, no amount of feedback will change that during beta. Live, yes. Extremely difficult in live, and it needs to be a MASSIVE amount of negative feedback, but it’s possible. Not in beta.

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This. Please, Blizzard. Please.


It’s sad that, as have been seen for several expansions, unless they basically drown in feedback posts regarding a specific part which players consider to be bad, more often than not they just won’t do anything with it until later patches, if at all.

QoL design changes, presented changes that players generally dislike, either purely mechanical or more on a conceptual level. Often bugs that are tied to core elements of a class/spec. Talents, etc.

Often, nothing happens at all during alpha/beta.

Usually, it’s the external temporary systems that get work done to them. The rest? Not so much.

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blizz doesn’t listen. as much as they advertise how they will pay attention to the community, evaluate feedback etc…
they don’t care, hunters marks in been one of the worst skills, an extra button to be thinking of and they still put it there.

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Agreed. The current implementation is terrible. The impact is underwhelming, it changes the gameplay zero, the GCD factor makes it clunky at best, ignored entirely in many circumstances, etc. Make it worth the GCD or accept it will be ignored short of bosses and don’t bother factoring it into our balance. Personally, I’d rather get 5% more dmg built into our kit and consider it a targeted flare for PvP exclusively.

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On the PTR right now.

Now where’s my 5% damage I just lost?




Great job everybody!


Elune be praised!


Finally. it is now a pvp ability only, as it should be.
now give hunters that 5% damage baseline please :stuck_out_tongue:


now its time to give some love for survival and make moongoose bite baseline and work on the class a bit


I didn’t look forward to HM being on the GCD, but you guys have to realize Blizzard is notorious for being slow on re-tuning. MM was top third and this nerf drops it to the lower half of mid and this is our best spec. (I know some of you are going to say “but survival,” but honestly no one cares. If you are going to take a melee slot you have to be where sub rogues are now and survival isn’t there.) So this may be careful what you wish for and have a lock or shadow priest on standby.

Yeah we need that 5% damage back now. Just need to add it single target abilities

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If the devs believe hunters deserved a 5% nerf, that’s fine. I’m overjoyed it was done in a way that makes the class more fun to play.

And if not, they’ll buff ST abilities by 5% to compensate.

We just took a 5% single target damage loss, if they devs didn’t think we needed that 5% ST damage it would of never been added to HM.

So now they should add 5% to our ST damage.

This is a good change taking the damage off of HM the ability felt weird to use. The damage loss from HM can be addressed in later builds as they continue tuning in future beta builds.


Yall… we can’t be too concerned with the 5% tuning when they haven’t even started tuning stuff yet. It’ll happen… Please take time to enjoy this positive Hunter’s Mark quality of life change.

And now we start fight for scatter shot and freezing trap to be on different DR again :smiley:


Pet rez and some focus tuning please

This latest change is hilarious. What’s the point of unpruning abilities if you’ll NEVER use them in PVE environments? A better idea would be to make Hunter’s Mark a mini version of the Kyrian hunter ability.

Sad to see Hunter’s Mark made useless.
I used this ability all the time as a PVP talent, but never checked - was it removed as a PVP talent after being added baseline for those few months?
Will it return as a PVP talent now?

All I know is I hope this is the end of the discussion about “pruning.”
They added a dozen or so iconic spells back into the game and every class sub community talked them into removing them again.

If that’s how its going to be, that’s fine, but can’t help but feel like there was a lot of wasted class design time on “listening to the community” on this topic.