Hunter Utility and Pets

It might not be a terrible idea to consider changing pets a little to provide group passives.

For instance:
Ferocity: Heal for 3% of all damage dealt. Heal for 6% of all damage dealt to bleeding targets.

Tenacity: Take 3% reduced damage. Take 6% reduced damage from your primary target.

Cunning: Increase movement speed by 6%. When affected by crowd control, gain immunity to all crowd control for 3 seconds (This can only occur once every 45 seconds).

Do hunters not have enough utility by being able to bring a bloodlust ability? I definitely think hunter pets should be more customizable so that pet families become more of a cosmetic choice, but your proposed Tenacity change completely invalidates the last shreds of remaining utility that paladins bring with their auras and Blessing of Freedom. Tenacity would replace Devotion Aura entirely and surpass it during boss fights, Aura Mastery couldn’t even keep up.

Those are simply example numbers for an idea. It could just be a 1 or 2% buff. Still much better than current. And no, hunter lust is pretty much useless because you will always have a mage or shaman. I’ve literally never been asked to use lust during any fight and have had other classes brought over my hunter because hunters bring nothing useful for everyone. Even if they just gave hunters the ability to make a team roast that gives an extra 5 stamina when ate, it would be better than now.

I like the option of being able to choose the pet’s spec again, or at the very least have 2 options per pet family if all 3 creates some kind of imbalance. Like Corehounds are Ferocity by default and can be Tenacity as a secondary option, but not Cunning. I figure certain pet family abilities when combined with certain pet specs gave them a greater advantage is the reason they removed that option, cut it down to 2 spec choices per pet if that’s the case.


What if it was just a generic hunter buff that increased a bunch of tertiary stats by 1% or 2%.

Like movement speed, avoidance, and leech. That feels oddly appropriate, actually.

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