Hunter Tier Set Fixes

I know the raid is brand new and we are all undergeared, but man we are soooo squishy right now. Seems we need more raid healing attention during boss AoE phases than any other class at the moment.

what is this ???

  • (4) Set Bonus: The set bonus now reads as – Kill Command critical hits empower your next Cobra Shot or Multi-Shot, increasing the damage and cooldown reduction of Cobra Shot by 40% or causing Multi-Shot to grant an additional 6 seconds of Beast Cleave.
    this is NOT adding aoe potential as what was said in the top post. this is essentially useless except adding 1-2x more kc in between multishots…

The changes announced today are great for aoe…except for that little “or” word.

Please please make it cobra shot buff AND multi shot buff. It will be so easy to accidentally use cobra shot and not get to benefit from the 6 sec beast cleave in mythic plus. Please just make it and.

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Hunters, just wanted to pop in and link this post for changes coming tuesday:

Also a note for Survival Hunters: We believe we have identified and fixed the issue with multiple different people using Wildfire Bombs on the same target. The fix is still currently in testing, and if it is ready to go out, it will be in the hotfix notes whenever it has been pushed live.

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Thank you, this is great news!!!

Yeah, we assumed this meant that AoE damage would be added to the set bonus. Instead they just reduced the penalty we incurred for doing AoE damage, while not adding any at all.

This would be bait and switch if you weren’t so good at not actually saying anything.


This change is literally garbage and does nothing to help our aoe i would rather just cast and extra mult-shot and use a global than waste the proc on this garbage change. Why would I give up 40% increased damage on cobra shot for 6 seconds extra on beast cleave when i can literally hit multishot a 2nd time and get the same result. Please Blizzard get a devs that actually understand how Hunter’s work because it seems your entire team that designs these sets don’t seem to have a clue. Were going to give you more aoe in your 4 set doesn’t mean just add an increase duration to the beast cleave spell and add no meaningful value to the 4 set at all and just waste everyone’s time as per usually by saying your going to make changes and then don’t do anything or make some change that doesn’t make any difference to the goal you set out to achieve in your previous post


KC = CLEAVE after multi proc. Reduce damage beyond 5 targets. Fixed.


Would sooner not get this change. It’s a complete slap in the face and shows the devs have no idea what the problem with the spec is. Very poor state of affairs. Wouldn’t be surprised if feral outdps BM in aoe now.


Yes this is worse than being ignored. Thanks Blizz. Typical Blizzard class balance, where they nurf or ignore low DPS untill the people playing one of the most popular classes either quit the game or go play another class.


I would just like to point out that I posted this three days ago.


time to change your name to precognizant.

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Hit that nail squarely on the head hard enough to sink the hammer face half way thru the board.
Reading the new tool tip was a double slap to the face.

All they did was add 2 measly seconds to the base 4 second Beast Cleave window…GARBAGE!!!

For whatever reason, I decided to remain hopeful…jokes on me I guess :roll_eyes:

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And you have waste your proc on cobra shot’s 40% dmg increase lol

  • (4) Set Bonus: The set bonus now reads as – Kill Command critical hits empower your next Cobra Shot or Multi-Shot, increasing the damage and cooldown reduction of Cobra Shot by 40% or causing Multi-Shot to grant an additional 6 seconds of Beast Cleave.

We are adding additional functionality to the 4-piece bonus for Beast Mastery Hunters. When your Kill Command critically strikes, it now empowers either your next Cobra Shot with the existing functionality, or causes your next Multi-Shot to cause your next Beast Cleave to last 6 seconds longer.

As far as I can tell, the change would allow procced Beast Cleave to last for 10 seconds, instead of 4. In my mind, ‘6 seconds longer’ means 6 seconds longer than the default, which is 4 seconds.

Either way, it’s still really bad.

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It should but likely it wont. Sadly I foresee it bugging out and failing to apply.

It also comes with a double negative penalty as you also loose the KC cooldown from casting a MS as well as the empowered +40% damage CS. NOT an even trade.

I am also thinking Beast Cleave at its original 4 seconds is far too short easy for it to fall off due to global delays/clipping… Casting Multi Shot in what should be the empowerment window will be a waste unless its basically double tapped after KC crit as it will only apply a standard Beast Cleave for 4 seconds not the empowered 6 second.
In effect Now we get a chance to waste both.

Why couldn’t they Just add in 4Pce now makes beast cleave last 5-6 seconds.

I’m sorry but requiring us to waste our empowered cobra shot in exchange for a longer duration on beast cleave defeats the purpose of an extended beast cleave. The entire point of having a longer beast cleave is so that we can funnel into a priority target harder. So just make the 4 set grant us a 10 second beast cleave because no one is going to min max this since it doesn’t actually increase the aoe damage output. It’s going to be when it happens it happens and when it doesn’t it doesn’t and we’re going to have to check our weak aura that tracks our beast cleave to not accidentally override beast cleave when we do get a 10 second one. Which makes hunters that don’t play with weak auras even more screwed, what are they going to do stare at a tiny shifting buff bar to try to track when they have a 10 second cleave instead of a 4 second cleave? Make it so we just have 10 second beast cleave all the time with 4 piece if this is the route you want to go Blizzard, so that people can learn their rotation around that. Requiring a weak aura to even be able to take advantage of this and be situationally aware at the same time is bad game design.


The “change” for BM hunter T4 is complete garbage and useless. Hire someone who plays hunter or just listen to feedback.

The proposed change does nothing to improve the already low AOE damage of bm.


You know, upon rereading the post, I realize that Blizzard did exactly what they said. They read our posts and made changes. We were foolish enough to think that the period separating the two sentences didn’t sever the two.