Hunter T3 Helm Eyes

We have a legitimate concern with the 4 set bonus only working if your pet is alive and summoned and everyone is more concerned about a visual affect. People common.

There is a similar bug with the Shaman T3 helm. The glowing effect of the eyes is stuck behind the sunglasses shade effect of the helm unless you angle your camera far enough down to see the glowing effect, at which point it “pops” into place until you move the camera back up. Please fix this blizzard.

It’s the penultimate armor set for the class in all of the game. Concerns for visual effects are just as legitimate as any other bug.

The buff you’re referring to, Stalker’s Ally, was by design only supposed to be present when you’re pet is summoned and active/alive. You’re drawing an issue due to the set bonus wording.

That’s because it’s not a bug, it’s supposed to work that way.

I think the helmet should match the art done in 2006

This is a picture of hunters in 2006. Date is even May 18, 2006.

Welp, the animation issues with Rhok are just now getting fixed. Doubt we will see this fix before TBC.

Hopefully it gets fixed in 1.13.7
Can you report this as a bug on ptr please because I can’t log on the ptr

Good news, they fixed the eyes in the last PTR build.