Hunter PTR:Feedback

Welcome all. If we can, put what we find on the PTR here if we can.


  1. I have found that things tag with (requires range weapon) needs exactly that. Have to use a macro to swap in a range weapon to ruse the range attacks. From my understanding, those attacks were to be use by SVR without having to swap to range.

  2. Looking at Spearhead, and CA the animations are the same. My hunter actually slides across the filed. and seems to just run into the target. It’s kind of bland and very lackluster. I was hoping for more? or different ? I will start to test in earnest as I just updated the PTR last night.


My initial experience was “wait what? I’m already out of talent points?”.

To further highlight how expensive the Hunter tree remains, despite the 200 revisions, when I logged onto my Lock I was wondering why I couldn’t “activate” my talents.
It’s because I still had 3 talent points left to spend on the class side. I just assumed I had spent them all, because on Hunter by the time I got to the bottom, I was capped out.

Also I remain nervous about the marriage between ST and AOE.
You know how MM hunters complain about 2 target scenarios? I think that general frustration about not having the tools for the job is going to be common for both BM and MM.

A fight that is 90% ST but summons adds during 1 phase, you’re going to feel so frustrated during that phase.

It was greener pastures from there though.

In terms of sitting at a target dummy doing my rotations and playing with different talents, I was having a good time. I personally really enjoy Serpent sting for BM. Also loving the Dire Beasts build.
MM, I am soooo happy that the Wind Arrows have an actual animation. It’s so important to have passives feel impactful.
Oh, Arctic Bola. I already love that spell.


Running as MM with a Ferocity pet out and recently did the Calling “Challenges in Revendreth.”

I wanted to see how the PTR talent selection would do against these world elites while running solo with pet out. I chose to not take Lone Wolf and place the extra point in Bullseye. A player can choose to add this point to Sharpshooter or Wailing Arrow. I also chose to use two points in the class tree for Beast Master, increasing pet damage by 6%. These points would have been placed in Keen Eyesight or Serrated Shots when not using a pet.

Overall, I felt as though there were plenty of options to do damage and it felt as if the abilities hit harder. I had no trouble with the NPCs in a single, two-target, and 3+ target scenarios. I also took all of the Kill Shot modifier talents including Dead Eye. Kill shot procs were fairly frequent with a couple of back-to-back procs.

For those that are interested, the talent selection for this world content is below -

Dragonflight Talent Calculator - 10.0.2 Beta (

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I feel like this is probably just me being thick, but my Misdirection macro doesn’t seem to work now. I cannot figure out how to fix it. This what I have been using since BfA.

#showtooltip misdirection
/cast [@focus,help][help][@pet,exists] Misdirection

Do i need to change something for the PTR?

I just tried it on the PTR. At first, it doesn’t want to work. However, the second time I tried it, it did work. I tried with a pet out while targeting a dummy. I also tried without a target, and it still worked.

The following is the macro I use:

/use [@focus,exists][@pet,exists] Misdirection

EDIT: It now only works intermittently. I do get a LUA error when opening the Macro menu.

Some more testing.

For SV, using exp shot has no animation. You click, you get the reset timer, and then BOOM.

Focus generation seems to be off? Need to test it more.

Finally seen a bola animation. Seems a little lack luster as SV.

DId not see arcane shot fire off using quick shot.

Terms of Engagement. Super fun when you get to use it (actually in a situation where you can get procs), but still a completely impractical choice with the current tree because the points are better used in other areas. I recommend having it give an extra charge to harpoon.

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Mastery needs a small rework. Love the spirit bond.

Maybe let it also reduce global cd and increase focus generation similar to haste, but not affect ability cd times.

It’d be a nice touch to let it raise kill commands damage too, but that might be a little too much when added with above.

I use this, but haven’t tested it on PTR yet.

#showtooltip misdirection
/cast [@pet,exists]Misdirection

I like how you can now have raptor strike(mongoose bite) proc serpent sting with “Viper’s Venom”. It can help take one ability off the action bar when all of my convenient keys are already taken. Maybe power that up just a little more by adding that your first raptor strike(mongoose bite) on a new target applies serpent sting.

I think this smooths the rotation a little and would feel significantly more rewarding on the engage for a very small bonus on top of the current chances.

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So I figured out a way to make it work for my pet last night, but not my focus.

#Showtooltip Misdirection
/Cast Misdirection
/Target pet

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This one is me fantasizing a little.

It would be a kind of nice poetic justice to reward survival hunters for being so… squishy (as melee especially), by making “Dribbling Inkpot” a standard talent for survival hunters.

A nice little punishment for people who end up in a drawn out fight with such a squishy melee class.

MM still wastes precise shot procs to keep aimed shot from overcapping charges, particularly during trueshot.

Lone wolf still lazily implemented. It can’t exist in a world where pets give so much utility (mortal strike, master’s call, lust, leech/health/movespeed passives). Easy fix, unprune widow venom and make lone wolf give the active and passive of your dismissed pet.

(PvP) Melee get more uptime each expansion yet ranged hunters gets no new kiting tools.

These problems have been going on since BfA

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I think I have 2 problems with the survival tree as it stands:

  1. There is quite a lot of necessary “active abilities” between Death Chakrams, explosive shot, Spearhead, Flanking strike, Coordinated assault, Bombs, (optionally serpent sting). Its all a lot to keep up with outside normal rotation. I’m not sure I have a good solution, but want to acknowledge it as a potential problem.

  2. Survival could use some more defensive bolstering compared to other specs given that you’re pushing us towards heavy melee engagement uptime with mongoose bite. I’d love to see us with a higher health pool baked into some talents, like “Ferocity” or maybe “Energetic ally” (honestly I’ve having trouble justifying the cost of 10 extra max focus here).

Melee specs should have tools/resources to help them engage in melee combat easier.

Obviously not a problem in PVE when you have a tank or pet taking damage for you, but PVP is another question. You cannot spend any time engaging another melee class for any length of time as survival as it stands currently outside of “survival of the fittest” window (which is avail to all hunter specs).

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I disagree. I’m pretty content with the current tree. Only thing I would like are a few changes to already existing ability’s and the addition of one passive which I’ve mentioned above. With those changes I personally believe survival hunter would be nearly perfect.

Completely agree with this. Terms of Engagement should be built into Harpoon. Two talent points for Harpoon and then ToE is a bit rough. It’s a fun utility addition to a fun skill. It should be made baseline to the Harpoon ability, please Blizzard.


Why does Survival still have Carve vs Butchery as a choice node? This is clearly not a choice as Butchery is superior in every way and was designed to be so.

Replace Carve with:

Culling - Kill Command strikes all enemies affected by any of your damage over time effects within 8 yards of your pet.

Adjust Frenzy Strikes so that Butchery or your Kill Commands that strike multiple targets reduce the remaining cooldown on Wildfire Bomb and Flanking Strike by 1 second for each target hit, up to 5.

Viper’s Venom seems steeply priced for how little it offers. 2 points to sometimes apply a lengthy DoT to targets that have already been beaten half to death feels like such a waste of points. This problem is compounded by the fact that it is a requirement to get to Wildfire Infusion.

Consider changing this to a single point node that causes Kill Command to apply Serpent Sting. This would allow Pheromone Bomb and its 100% chance for Kill Command resets to function as an application phase of Serpent Sting before going into Volatile Bomb and would make sense as a lead-in for Wildfire Infusion.


I think fury of the eagle will be one of those abilities that no one ever touches. Maybe useful for very niche situations, maybe. Beefed up wildfire bombs make it pointless.

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I agree, probably was a mistake bringing it back without tying it to MF.


New Misdirection macro -

I have been testing Misdirection macro’s and have settled on the following:

/target [@focus,exists][@pet,exists]
/cast Misdirection

Please note, when you add the above to the action bar, it will activate on a double press of the button. I tested both ‘@’ functions separately (@pet or @focus) before adding both to the macro.

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