Hunter Pets! Bugs, Non-Bugs and Maybe Bugs!


Sorry all about that wpvp myself.


This bug is so annoying. I manually control my pet for most things and prefer to keep it on passive.


Tested pets a bit after the latest patch.

  • The delay before pets will execute your commands seems to still be there, but reduced (~500 ms instead of ~1000). They also seem to ignore some commands if you send them too rapidly.
  • The passive mode bugs seem to be fixed from limited testing.
  • The imp (and presumably hunter ranged pets) now actually will attack things out of their los, by running toward them until they have los to fire their attack. Previously they’d just do nothing.
  • Threat tables are still bugged and link you and your pet in some fashion. When running away from a mob that’s attacking your pet, when the mob should leash, it instead changes its attention to you. This effectively doubles its leash range. It also makes me worried about feign death mechanics (I don’t have a hunter so can’t test that).


Whatever the delay is with pets and commands, and returning to you after a mob dies… I don’t think its going to be completely removed…

The fixes today made them all better… Like for example the pet used to stand over a dead mob after it killed it for like 3 seconds before returning to you.

After today’s changes, he returns to you in a quarter of the time. But the delay is still there. This makes me think they are using workarounds on the back end and we won’t ever get that instant feeling back again. It sucks bad for stuff like feign death, as the combat doesn’t drop for .6 to .8 seconds, which ruins feign trap macros etc. It’s reaaaally bad.

It also screws up feigning spell casts as you now have to feign so early in the spellcast that it doesn’t just finish anyway. Im really worried about this class. Its going to lose a LOT of its feel I think, because its just probably hell on earth for them to try and reverse engineer.