Hunter Pets! Bugs, Non-Bugs and Maybe Bugs!


Hello, this is Melaned here. (Would really like to post on Melaned and notr a randomized character but the beta forums only allows this guy idky)

So one of my primary goals is making sure that hunter pets are done right! Because I love BM and if used appropriately it is basically a two character class!

UPDATED 5/24/19: Fixes have been applied!

So for those wondering here’s a few things I’ve gathered.

List of things that might trick you fellow hunters.

  • Growl was not a full-blown taunt but an aggro increase. Back in vanilla you did and will experience grabbing aggro from pet even as BM in lower levels. This tricked me and took me a solid moment to remember.
  • Pets are not as tanky as many might remember! Yep! There’s reasons for grabbing a turtle or a bear, because they are hefty and can deal with damage better!
  • Pet damage seems a LOT lower than it should be. For you fellow BM players, this is on me a bit actually. I feel like pet damage is off by an amount yes, not a lot. But most of us remember our days playing vanilla in later levels. Later in the line we get Frenzy which does a huge increase for our pets which is why you WANT a fast attacking pet other than the caster part. So this might explain why it feels worse than it is. (This might be caused by private servers getting it wrong and upping pet damage a lot confusing some players to think that it is a huge off number rather than small)
  • Pet and you aggroing. Yes some hunters might’ve been fooled if they played on private servers. PSers supposedly have pet aggro separate from hunter aggro, thus if your pet pulls you are not in aggro still. This was NOT how vanilla was. If one pulls the other pulls. Thus setting traps before pulling with pet was needed and having a passive pet in PVP helped loads!
  • So hitting 30 I’ve noticed all the hunters with 32 pets. And they for most part have said that it is a bug. At first I thought this myself. But combing through my memories I actually do remember hunters being able to tame pets up to 2 levels higher.

Now onto actual pet issues I’ve noticed so far.

  • In earlier levels opening beast training and every use of it caused the game to freeze for me. I believe I was not the only one. Upon reaching level 18 and getting new training however it stopped. It might’ve been fixed though not sure. Found this bug again when taming an Elder Ashenvale Bear to attain Claw rank 4. When opening Beast training with the bear out it froze my screen like it used to. Might have to do with pets with low loyalty levels?
  • Pets seem a little slow in specific cases to respond. I’ve found myself having to spam press the attack button or the follow button to get my pet to respond correctly. Since the fix, they are near fully responsive properly! But I’ve noticed some latency still but no where near as much!
  • Adding onto the pet latency, when the pet is called back mid-run towards a mob (mind you this requires spamming the button) the pet does not run back to the hunter but speeds through like 2x the speed of an epic mount lol. (To recreate this. Choose target at good distance. Press petattack. then while pet running to mob, spam press petfollow.)
  • Pet pathing when jumping seems to be bugged. They will teleport down sometimes which I believe was not until BC or later? Sometimes they will do a crazy run all over to follow like they did in vanilla but rare. (Have yet to test since major fix on 5/23)
  • New as of 5/23. If putting pet into stables without pet summoned it multiplies their picture not the actual pet and will act as if you never put them in in the first place. In order to fix you must desummon if summoned, then pull them out, make sure they appear, then put into stable.
  • Leaving/teleporting out of a battleground causes a loss in pet happiness.
  • New major issue. When set to passive, if an enemy attacks the hunter first before pet is set to defensive or /petattack is used, the pet will then go into a semi-attack state upon using defensive/attack. Pet will aggress the enemy initially then return to the hunter’s side. If the npc does not go for the pet then nothing else happens. If it does however then the pet will continue attacking it. If the hunter moves, say as to gain ground to use their bow, then the pet will stop their assault and follow the hunter attacking only when attacked. In this state the pet does NOT use any abilities that have been set to auto such as Growl.

Here’s some that are confusing. Not sure if bug or not.

  • Delay in casting growl. Like if my pet gets to that mob, she seems to wait before growling. This might be part of the slow pet bug. If so, then okay. But if I attack the moment my pet hits their target, my pet is not tanking. Partially because it seems like most mobs are faster than they should be and outrun my pet. If I wait a moment to let pet hold aggro, then no problem.
  • Damage was a previous concern. I’ve noticed a bump up in my pet’s damage on 5/23! Maybe it was a fix?! I’ve spoken with some other hunters and have gotten mixed responses! The fix seems about around a 15% damage increase.

Poster added, unsure if this is a bug or not as well.

I will add more as I find more! If you know of a bug, perceived non-bug, or “maybe a bug?” that I have yet to come across, please post it here and I will add it to my list!

If you know if Blizzard has or is addressing something on the lists here or know that what I have called a bug is not a bug please post your info here and I will change the thread accordingly!

Thanks again! Love you all and happy hunting!

Pets and Feign Death don't work since last patch

Re: damage/armor. Remember we’re using 1.12 values, which is after some hunter pet nerfs as I recall. So that’s why they might seem weaker than you remember.


I checked the 1.12 and 1.11 notes and only found one mentioning a slight bit loss in some pets’ armor due to a minor change in 1.11. Anything specifying on pets being nerfed 1.12? At least maybe I overlooked something.


I can vouch for the slow reaction. Normally when you hit attack, your pet takes off like a rocket. In the beta the pet is super delayed. I spam the button 4 times before the pet goes to engage. And it doesn’t taunt right away either.

OTOH, my pets damage seems to be exactly as I remember it, so I cannot back you on that one.

I did however feel that I didnt have to FEED my pet as much as normal. I fed my pet like 3 times in between the time it took for it to go from freshly tamed to Rank 5! Just a couple pieces of fish, and he was gtg for hours… I remember happiness decaying much faster, especially at lower ranks. But maybe Im wrong.


Thanks for mentioning this, the ranks seemed extremely off. I entirely overlooked reporting this.

Pet loyalty ranks went by extremely fast.

Yeah maybe there is something I might be overlooking from my personal experience, add in a lot of my memory of my pet doing bulk damage was after lvl 40 having BW and Frenzy might have made a laerger dent overall.

I do still feel that if it has not been thoroughly checked over it would be good to look into just in case. It just bothers me that I strictly remember my pet going toe to toe with mobs like a breeze 1v1 wise back then but maybe I am miss-remembering some details.

This also brings up another thing I’ve noticed. When you send your pet in then after a moment of spamming petfollow the pet doesn’t just run back to you, no it ZOOOMS BACK TO YOU.

I’ll be adding these new parts, thankyou.


Can confirm I’m experiencing all of those. Most frustrating part for me has been less the slowness of pet response times but more the utter inconsistency. Randomly ignored commands (unless spammed like you mention), standing at mobs for a completely random amount of time, awkward pathing, etc.

One other pet issue I’ve noticed (not sure if this was changed within vanilla but) is that our pets don’t path properly when we jump from ledges. I clearly remember the “dismiss pet before jumping so you don’t pull the whole instance” days and that hasn’t been my experience thus far. They appear to be doing the later expansion teleport to owner at times.


I noticed and somehow overlooked this one. Added it! Thanks!


I have noticed most of these too.



A lot of fixes have been implemented on or around 5/23/19. This was the original list PRIOR to these changes.


(Melanes here)
Found a new major bug that warrants giving this post a bump.

I usually keep my pet passive and have been in the circumstance that causes this bug before without it occurring. Thus I believe this is a brand new bug as of 5/24 (Likely after the BG patch)


Awesome post OP. Nice job.

I’ve encountered another issue which may or may not be a bug. I’m not sure because I didn’t play a hunter during actual vanilla, I only started maining one many expansions later and now I want to get the classic experience. Maybe someone who did play a hunter in vanilla can remember if this is how agro and leashing worked for pet classes:

I noticed on beta that if my pet has agro on a mob and I decide to call him back and then try to run away and leash the mob a peculiar behavior occurs: when we hit leash range the mob does not reset; instead it drops agro on my pet but immediately re-agros onto ME. Then chases me a full leash range again as though its original agro point has been changed to where it lost agro on the pet and switched to me. Note that during this process neither I nor my pet attack the mob at all to re-tag it, we’re just straight up running away.

Did it work like this in true vanilla? It seems very unintended and it is very awkward.


I’m not entirely sure, it is odd I’ll admit. I don’t recall how leashing worked too much when it comes to this. But thanks for the compliment.


Any word yet on the petattack and petfollow delay caused by legion core? Seems like this is likely to stay as it is since they are using the live core of the game and it works identically there but is game breaking for hunters in vanilla because of feign combat dropping.


It’s been drastically reduced since initial but slightly still there.

Originally it was horrendous like having to press pet attack like 3 times before pet actually attacks. Now the main delays are pet staying by dead bodies and slight delay in commands.


I don’t know why, but this ancient character is the only one allowed to post here…anyway.

I wanted to add that I just tamed my first pet tonight and I’m seeing that lag that you were talking about with actions. I tell my wolf to attack a mob and it waits a few beats before it takes off. Then, when the mob is dead, it doesn’t seem terribly interested in coming back to me (I usually start running toward a mob when I see it’s about to die so I can skin it, so I can’t confirm completely that he’d just stand there).

I’ve also noticed that I’m not getting the usual “gotcha I’m gonna go attack” sound that I’m used to getting. I don’t think that’s a new feature, as I’ve had a hunter/wolf combo since the beginning and I always remember my wolf giving a couple little barks when I tell him to attack. I always took that as “okay my command went through” so now I end up spamming because 1) I don’t hear the sound, and 2) he’s still sitting his furry butt next to me.


Posting on random character…

This is way too confusing… I mean got a Night Hunter to lvl 10, got his pet.

Pet level 10 from what I remember from vanilla suppose to attack mob when using ranged weapons. It does not do that… Defensive ability is suppose to work but it acts like pet is PASSIVE…

Hunter dps is geared toward ranged not melee. I keep getting dead doing melee. Impossible to do melee against 2 mobs.

Food for pets, with not much coin and have to rely on mobs for meat, loot tables appears to be broken… have killed well over 20 mobs died 4 times all just for getting 2 meat items so can feed pet…

Kinda forgotten how terrible vanilla was… at least for hunters… :frowning:


Are you crazy? :slight_smile: I leveled my hunter from 13 to 14 in 24 minutes just by killing mobs. Of course it helped a ton training a level 15 bear at level 13…that bear was ripping everything a new one. I am putting all points in BM to make the pet even stronger.


Hmm guess should just delete the night elf hunter and roll a dwarf hunter, with the gun + axe and lots of bears around for taming… might do that instead… :slight_smile:


If you want me to help you get set up and started as a hunter and learn the necessary things to prevent these issues just hit me up on Melaned or Sabeled.

I am not only freely willing to inform you of everything you need to know, but willing to even show you and teach you how to deal with all of these issues! Gladly! As I love teaching other hunters!

I will make a second hunter (was planning on doing it soon anyway) and check this out! if this occurs to my new hunter as a lower level then this will definitely be an addition to the thread as it might be something related to a point up to an action is performed, question is what action? It seemed to have fixed around lvl 22-26 for me.

Now that you mention it I did notice that as well. The command response sound seems to either not proc or proc randomly sometimes! Good mention!!


Will look you up then…

Do hope you on PVE server.