Hunter Nerfs, the Results Are In

My results anyway. I play BM and SV and I went from doing about 80k last week to doing about 75k this week. I’m 415 item level with a puzzle box. Not world ending, but I’m a bit sadge.


we’re gonna need a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle more context on what those numbers are from

Average ST numbers for bosses like Terros, Sennarth and Kurog.

I didn’t understand the BM and SV nerfs myself.
Marksman was performing in S tier range the past week but BM and SV were clearly in the B tier range.

I can see the need to rollback MM a bit, but no idea why you would want to nerf 2 middle of the pack specs…


BM and SV are now fully cemented into middle of the pack.

bm needed some nerfs their aoe was disgustingly op.

besides, the 10% kc nerf is only like 3-4% nerf overall yall are gonna be fine.

BM cleave is still pretty funny. My napkin math says 6%. We’ll still be okay.

As hunters rise in potential more classes begin to cry out how unfair it is that a range class that is fully mobile can be on top.

To stop the fever of angry players they nerf hunters back to the middle.


What about MM?

noone really cries about that tbh & the nerf aint that bad. i find it hilarious though that hunters are getting all this attention yet they’re ignoring survivability :joy:


Too many buttons.

No they show up on the hunter forums to cry about getting one shot, and want them nerfed.

There are many asking for survivability to be looked at, but all Blizzard has done is give us a buff than take it back.

If that’s only change hunters have been given than not going to just let it go without some fight.


BM’s single-target was head and shoulders above basically everything except bugged Warlocks. Filter the stats by “damage to bosses” and you’ll realize very quickly why BM needed a slight nerf.

dont take what you see on the forums seriously tbh 99% of the people here battle pet heroes

No, they are still Top-tier ST.

It is unfortunate that BM and SV didnt get at least a 45% nerf across the board. Way too OP and overtuned.

Did you want to tell us all about that big bad hunter who hurt you?


Have they improved hunter survivability so they aren’t miserable as hell to heal in M+?