Hunter Looking for AOTC Guild!

Hi potential RL!

Im looking for a AOTC raid guild. I just came back to the game and am looking for a guild to raid with. In the past i have gotten AOTC in Antorus and got 2/11M that tier, then in Uldir my guild was 7/8H and 1/8M when i decided to take a break due to my personal life being too busy, i was finishing school and working full time.

With that said, i play Hunter, can play MM and BM well, could learn Survival for the rare reason someone would actually want one in their raid.

I am 24 years young so i would prefer a guild with more mature players that dont cause to much stress, just wanting to get on, do some content, whether its raid night, some dungeons, bgs, or even old content just to hangout and enjoy playing together.

Discord is Fatal#0698, feel free to reach out and have a chat.
Thnaks and have a good one!

Heyo, give a whisper sometime!

Check us out:

Mutiny is looking for more players to join us for our mythic raid team and keys.

We are currently 10/10 H, and raid Wed and Fri from 7-10 pm server. Getting ready to start mythic but we need a few more to get our team to 20.

Currently looking for the following:
Druid, balance or heals, could really use a balance druid
Priest, dps or heals, we have no priest in our raid
Hunter, again for some strange reason, we have no hunters in our guild
DK, any dps that can provide AMZ and do mechanics!
Rogue, never can have too many rogues!

Any good dps or heals are welcome to apply, we are very flexible and will find a way to fit you in. As the saying goes, bring the player not the class.

We also do lots of keys and most of our core group either have KSM or are getting close. We do lots of 14s and 15s each week to get the 226 loot. If you want the Sintouched Deathwalker, we can help with that too.

If interested, reach out to us

Rigge, dreasy11902 <-- Our awesome raid leader
Kalica, hokipoki1278 <-- Our awesome GM
Cyndraelia, Zvrehtvall1417 <-- Our awesome recruiter

Can also apply in-game if interested. Just search for our guild name: Mutiny (Horde, Illidan)

Hey there Kalbris! We are 7/10H fresh formed currently looking for more people to join the team! Check out Our Post