[H]<Unprotected Hex> 8/11M SFO 2 Teams pushing CE

What we expect from you

  • Consistency in attendance, gameplay & preparation
  • Putting guild interests before your own in-game

Our promise to you

  • Committed leadership to raiding
  • A raid environment focused on killing bosses
  • start on time with a full roster and backups

We are a large guild with a community feel, we also enjoy doing high end m+ keys together, and multiple raid events for gold sales. We are only interested in players that can commit the rest of the tier with us and plan on raiding mythic in dragonblight.

Join our discord to apply & learn more about us


Unprotected Hex 7/11M SFO 10/10MSOD US 447 - 10/10CN US 591

Schedule: Mon/Tues/Wed 10:30PM-2AM(EST)

Recruiting: Strong Holy Pal, Strong Multi Tank, MW/WW Monk, Mage, Rogue, any exceptional players

Hex Slam 5/11M SFO 10/11HSFO 9/10MSOD

Schedule: Tues/Wed/Thurs 10pm-1am

Recruiting: Shadow/Holy Priest, Holy Pal, Rogue

Any player that can come prepared and push themselves to be the best raider they can be here and commit to our raid times is encouraged to apply no matter if the classes are needed.

bump it up

aotc achieved, and 1st boss of mythic.!!

i like bumps

2/10mm bump

bump to the top heroic last 3 clear tonight and normal sale run!!

lift me up dad!!

walking up the stairs is a good way to go up.

4/10m best team ever

rising sun.!

going up up up!

dance time!

council 60%

Come dance with us!

lf resto sham and havoc dh for council prog!!!


raiders come playz

We out raiding, M+ Pushin, and all we need is you.

Lets continue this ride.

Gamers apply plz