[H]<Unimportant> Casual AOTC and M+ friends 9/9H (Aberrus)

The Guild

is looking for more players wanting to achieve AOTC in a pressure free environment on three hours a week on Saturday mornings/midday. We completed AOTC in Aberrus and are looking forward to Amirdrassil


Saturday 12pm (noon) - 3pm EST

We know from experience that three hours a week is more than enough to achieve AOTC. This allows people the luxury of saving their weeknights in case they have other obligations to attend to. Granted, several of us play more than the three hours on Saturday. Most of that time is spent on M+ or alts, and we all enjoy playing together when we can!


Tank spots are currently full, DPS with a backup tank are welcome for M+ and stepping in for absences


Currently recruiting two healers with a preference on restoration druid and holy priest but any healers are welcome to apply.


Our current needs include:

  • Mage
  • Warrior
  • Druid
  • SPriest
  • any skilled applicants

We look forward to hearing from anyone interested in joining our team!


If you’d like to reach out to us to join a fun, easy-going guild that clears AOTC content on a consistent basis, you can reach us on Battle.net or Discord.



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Yall in need of an Enh shaman? Those raid times are IDEAL

I sent a friend request to Dira, hoping to talk about joining your team. My main/geared toon is currently the warlock. I’d be willing to play mage but the gearing would start from scratch on that char. I’m seeking a friendly environment where we can have fun and down some bosses together.