Human heritage armor looks awful

Bruh, coming from the Horde side, you guys are not all that brutal. Look at your guards and look at our guards.

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Times have changed since the RTS series, you’re certainly right about that.

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I think it looks pretty nice, tbh.

I like it a lot better than the Orc set. The neon red tipped spikes look silly.

Atleast the Shoulders look nice.

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I was expecting something more along the lines of Anduins not armor outfit or even his armor outfit.

Like more regal.

This set is more like a lorderon set and its just boring.

I get it the helms for both are the warcraft 3 helms but come on blizzard you can do way better.

Also we get the eagle but not even the lion.

Which is you know stormwinds symbol

But still something along the lines of varians armor or anduins battle armor or not battle outfit would have been much better.

Well there is still hope this will get better, so lets see.


Are the human shoulders asymmetrical? Not a fan of that type of look.

Shudders at the look of the DF questing gear on my nightborne monk

As long as they look good on gnomes. Gnomes are the true bruisers of the Alliance constabulary.

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Boots that fit on right.

It literally does not.

The gear looks fine, it’s what I expected human gear to look like. Never been a huge fan of that style of helmet but the rest of the looks nice

My god i cannot unsee that.


The boots could be better tho, it looks it was a thrift shop bought one with the off clipping.

What is that even supposed to be on the orcs shoulder? Both are boring.

And why tf is there no capes?

I’m mean… HELLO!! We are humans… we wear capes bro.

AND THEN AND THEN… why do we get the horse hair pony tail on the top of our helms but the freaking WARDEN armor doesn’t.


it’s literally king varians shoulder pads.

nothing else.

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I’ll definitely use some of it for my mog.

I wear backpacks!

At least you got boots. We got 2D slippers.

Also I don’t think those are boots, they’re leg guards (over the boots), they’re not supposed to touch the foot.


Hawkins your such a nerd :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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What’s it like to be objectively wrong?