Huge class balance changes incoming feb 7th

He’s my favorite streamer. leveling my hunter rn with these changes kekw

I’m just happy that blizz is continuing to make consistent changes.

It’s like a shower, gotta keep tuning the knobs to find the best temperature. But that takes tuning, which they are doing.


I read all of that. Looks pretty great but… WTF is this.

  • Unstable Affliction backlash damage increased by 35%.

Why! Bro Affl locks dont even need this anymore.

They can instantly reapply UA.

You need to get rid of this trash already.


Boost only goes to 60. Like, sure, they could buy one of those with cash, then a token to finance somebody power leveling them but good grief get real here about what the overwhelming majority of people actually do. :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

Yeah, and honestly pretty good ones.

Wait when they say things like psyfiend no longer stacks with other effects, do they mean other short duration empowered mortal strikes or just mortal strike in general?

Like if you psyfiend with just mortal wound on target is it only 50% reduction now? or you simply cant stack psyfiend with sharpen blade/shiv like effects?


All these look reasonable but the PvP lock buffs seem to be the biggest changes that might shake things up

  • Affliction

    • Unstable Affliction backlash damage increased by 35%.
  • Developers’ notes: After our recent changes to normalize Unstable Affliction’s backlash damage, we’re seeing it get dispelled frequently. Our intent is for dispelling Unstable Affliction to require careful consideration of the risks and benefits and its damage was not fulfilling that.

  • Destruction

    • Chaos Bolt damage increased by 40% in PvP Combat (was 15%).

    • Resolved an issue that caused Bane of Havoc (PvP Talent) to deal more damage than intended to targets.

The demo buffs are kinda whatever, but these 2 seems to be very strong

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I’m about to commit some epic battleground war crimes. :dracthyr_love_animated:


yeah the developers comment is like… bro have they ever used this talent? It never procs and it does damage as if I was level 30

They could of said that talent got a 500% damage increase and it would still be bad

It seems they are saying will not stack with other ms effects anymore.

Like rogue/priest won’t be able to stack an ms that can’t be healed through at all.

Yeah no one specs into vilefiend, soulstrike is too good. But imps are good damage so buffing it by 15% is very nice.

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wow didn’t even get the 4pc before the nerf lol


I’m looking forward to the return of bg threads crying about mm hunters blowing people up.

Ashran extreme sniper incoming.

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LF Destro Lock for 2s. DM me.

Didn’t half the duration of shiv in pvp combat, Missed the mark with rogues.

Very excited to see prot pally buffs

My biggest fear is frost mage destro warlock being a common meta, the combination of these 2 specs makes me actually want to never PvP again


Arms modifiers make sense. I wonder if slam will finally be viable.

This math is completely wrong btw, but there’s no point in discussing it anymore.

This nerf feels very tolerable for Pres, especially given Verdant Embrace and Living Flame both got +20%