<Hubris> [H] Semi Casual Heroic/Mythic PST

Hubris of Malorne [H] is looking for members to join our community! We are mostly comprised of thirty-somethings with careers and families. Many of us have grown up with WoW in our lives, and as we have grown older, have made it our escape from adulting.

History and Raid experience

Hubris formed at the beginning of legion, though our core has been together for many years. Our goal every tier is a quick AOTC push, then onto casual mythic progression.

  • SoD - 10/10H, 4/10M
  • CN - 10/10H, 4/10M
  • Ny’alotha - 12/12H, 9/12M
  • EP – 8/8H, 4/8M
  • CoS – 2/2H
  • BoD - 9/9H, 5/9M
  • Uldir - 8/8H, 2/8M

Guild Philosophy

Create a fun & Semi casual but skilled raiding for players who don’t necessarily have time for more than two raid nights a week, but still want to progress and enjoy the push with the players around them. Equality, communication and inclusiveness are core tenants of our community.

Raid Teams & Needs

:bomb: LoB - Tuesday/Wednesday 730-10pst
Aotc push & mythic progression.

  • Healer: no needs currently
  • Melee: ww, warrior, Ret
  • RDPS: spriest, mage
  • Tank: no needs currently

Raid Requirements:

  • Min 80% attendance and communication when absent.
  • raid prepared - enchanted/stocked with consumables
  • willingness/ability to learn/follow mechanics
  • willingness to review logs/online tools and improve. We can help!
  • open communication to help us avoid some of the common pitfalls that hurt guild communities.


All raiders are highly encouraged to complete a relevant level key every week to stay competitive in the gearing process. We will help you!


If you are interested add and message -
Abscynth#11903 bnet
Abscynth#5749 discord

[H] 395 Holy Priest
(h) 410 holy priest LF guild
[H] Fury War LF Guild
Returning Player LF a Guild
Two friends looking for new guild
Returning Healer LF Raiding Guild
390 BM Monk LF Raiding guild
[H] 405 Holy Priest LFG - M+'s, 7/9H BOD
411 H Priest LF Guild
400 Holy Priest looking for raiding guild 7/9 N 6/9 H
Returning Player Looking For Raiding Guild
[A] 411 7/9 heroic mage LF new guild
382 resto druid lf weekend raiding guild
404 Spriest/402 Disc and 398 boomy LF guild
406 Mage Looking for a Guild
400 Resto Druid LF return
406 Hpriest LF raiding guild
Returning Healer (Druid,Monk and possible paladin) Looking for a Guild to call home
[H] Two Raiders ISO of Semi-Hardcore Guild
LF late night guild
Holy Paladin
6 Friends looking for a home
402 Fury Warrior
Raider LF Raiding Guild
[H] Resto Druid LFG
399 Hpriest LFG
Group of 3/4 looking for heroic focused raiding guild
MW LF Raiding/Mythic + Guild
382 MW monk/371 Ret sham, new holy priest LF guild
Mage Looking for a home
2 AOTC Raiders LF Guild
401 Ret pally LF a Semi-hardcore guild to call home
402 Fury warrior LF Guild
[h/a] 410 aotc uh dk lfg
Group of 3 LF raiding guild
Two friends LF new guild
Mage LF Guild Home
Looking for friendly/social guild
392 Elem Shaman LFG
410 Druid looking for guild
Group of 405+ Looking for new home
[H] 377 Holy Paladin LF Raid Team & M+
The age old question, how to find a good guild
MW Monk LFG raid/mythic plus
385 MW Looking for guild
400 Lock/Looking for Heroic/Mythic Guild
400 WW monk LF competent raiding guild
Two players looking for new Guild home
397 Warlock LFG
394 Resto Shaman looking for Heroic/Mythic team
[A] Returning player looking for new active guild
405 MW Heals (Horde only)
407 Windwalker/BM Monk LFG Heroic or Mythic
LF guild to continue raiding progress
4 LFM Wednesday Nights Only
[H] Hunter & Lock lf 2N/week
2 raiders LFG
LF guild to continue raiding
[H] Returning Player LF Guild
[EST][Mostly A but a little H]Two returning players looking for a guild to call home
385 MW / WW Monk LFG
Shot in the dark- Any late/weekend rerolls? (PST)
Ret Pally LF raiding guild
[H] Returning Raider Late Night
[H] LF a Casual Guild that raids (Horde only)
373 ret pally
1/9M 398 Prot warrior LF raiding guild
Returning Player LFG to Invest in ME
AoTC Guild LF guild to merge with us
(H) tichondrius LF weekend raiding guild
407 hpal lf morning herioc raiding any day
Former Legion Raider LF M Guild
4 Friends LF Guild Thrall [H] Only Heroic
Returning raider looking for a raiding guild
Healer LF Weekend Raid Guild
[H] Zul'jin (3) 400+ ilvl LF guild
3 dps looking for a mythic raiding guild
402 Holy Paladin/403 Mage looking for raid team - willing to transfer
Casual Returning druid healer here
[H] Ranged Multi Classer LF guild
(H) Ret pala 406 LF heroic raiding guild
9/9 heroic 410 lock and druid looking for evening active raid and M+
The Boys, a group of players looking for a home
378 BM/WW and MW Monk
Lf new guild
Hunter LF - Heroic - 2 Raid Night
LF Guild Boomkin
Casual Raiding
401 Restoration Druid LF Guild
Disc priest LF endgame guild
387 protection paladin lfg
393 ele sham looking
3/9M 2/2H 412 Ele sham LF Guild
413 Havoc DH LF Raiding
395 Resto Shaman LF Raiding Group
401 afflock LF pst raiding/m+ guild
411 BM Hunt. 3/9M w/ 4/9M xp. 2/2H CoS
408 ilvl Havoc DH looking for a guild
Looking to transfer for guild
[H] Mistweaver Monk LF Casual AoTC
[A] 390 Fury LF PST or weekend guild
Mage LF Semi-hardcore Raid guild
[H] 3 ranged LF guild
409 MW Monk LF weekend heroic raiding guild
402 Holy Paladin/403 Mage looking for raid team - willing to transfer
[A] MW monk looking for new guild
[H] Small group looking for raid team
H Shadow Priest and Boomkin LF guild
LF Guild [H] Zul'jin 407 ele/resto sham
Resto Druid, Rogue, Hunter/DK LF New home
AOTC Paladin Looking for Heroic Guild
3/9M Raider looking for guild reroll
Returning Player (HPally) looking for guild
M+ Communities
[A] experienced 410 MW Monk looking for a new home
Looking for an active AOTC guild
[H] [Tichondrius-US] 395 Warlock LF Heroic Guild
411 Warlock LF Guild
Healer LF Late Night Raiding Guild (Hpriest, HPally or RSham)
Looking For M+ / Casual Guild
[H] 400 Warlock LFG
Tank LF weekend guild (reroll)
LF Casual Guild With Regular Raiding
[A] 400 Mage LF Guild
H 409 MW Monk LF Guild
LF Active M+ Group
[H] Adoptable 380 Druid, has shots
409 Mist / 407 Wind Monk LFG [H] Blackrock server
Looking for raiding guild
410fury/407prot warr looking for raiding guild
404 Frost mage 9/9 H, 1/9 M looking for active raiding guild
[H] 408 Balance Druid LFG EST time-zone
Mature Couple Looking for Guild
Friend and I returning
[h] aotc raiders returning to the game
406 DPS / Tank LF Guild PVP-PVE - Illiadn
3/9M MW / WW LF guild
477 Holy Priest LF Longterm Home
434 warlock looking for late night raiding guild
Holy paladin looking for new home ILVL 440
LF a chill tight-knit raiding guild for my DH on Illidan
Resto druid LF guild to call home
7 people looking for guild
[H] 426 Frost Mage LF Guild
Returning player -LF Reroll
Boomie& MW lf guild
434 AOTC 1/8M Balance Druid LF weeknight raiding guild
WW Monk mythic exp LF later time raid guild
Looking to get back into WOW with a good guild
Returning player LF Heroic Raiding Guild
420 Shadow Priest 8/8 LF Guild
[H] 438 Ret LF Mythic Raiding Guild
Returning raider looking for heroic/low M raiding, later evening (9:30-10CST)
396 ILVL Mage Looking for semi serious guild
BM Hunter LF Mythic Raid Group
417 Mage LF H/M guild
428 Unholy DK 7/8H LF a mythic guild
Looking for guild
410 Hunter looking for mythic raiding & M+ pushing guild
HPriest Healer LFG - ilvl 398 and rising
423 Rogue looking for a home
434 DH & 442 Holy Paladin looking for a raiding guild!
426 Spriest LF Heroic or early Mythic raiding guild
LF Active M+ and Raiding Guild!
Capable Raider LFG
438 ilvl ww monk lf mythic raiding guild
445 Mage looking on Thrall (or other servers)
Horde 440+ player LF heroic/mythic prog guild
[H] Hunter LF Guild
439 Mage LFG
434 mw monk Looking for h/m raiding guild!
Returning player LF guild for 8.3
LF Guild will switch Server
[H][Illidan] 421 Resto/Boomkin Druid LF Raiding Guild (Willing to Realm Xfer!)
Druid Tank LF mythic raiding, weekends preferred
Found A grp Thanks
Delete Please
473 Holy Pally LF raiding/M+ guild
LF Raiding Guild
[[h] 474 hpriest 4/12 mythic lf guild/raid group]
[H] resto druid lf Mythic Raiding Guild
Priest LF late night Horde or Alliance Guild
472 Hunter and 468 H Pal LF Raiding Group + Community!
Looking for Guild
470 Mage or 465 Holy Pally LF evening schedule guild Horde or Alliance
H- Resto/Guardian druid or available boost LF raiding guild
[H] Group of 4 LFG (PST)
433 frost mage
430+ monk 8/8H LF late night raiding
Delete Post
3/9M 414 MW Monk/413 Resto Druid -BleedingHollow
Thrall (H)
(A)220 Fist weaver (2/10m) looking for new guild. (not against going H)
[A] 409 Destruction Warlock looking for a mythic raid guild
Delete post
404 MW 2/9M lf mythic raiding
Please delete
Found guild
<Invalid Post>
[H]3/9M 411 Spriest LF Mythic raiding guild
[H] Returning player LF AOTC guild
Please delete
Delete Post
Please Delete
408 resto druid lf guild
5-stack LF guild for Heroic > Mythic
Small group of friends LF a home [H] [Tich]
207 Fire mage LF Guild
LF AOTC Guild play multiple toons
-post resolved-
Looking for new raiding guild
218 Fury Warrior and 216 Resto Shaman looking for mythic guild
219 Hpal and 216 DPS War LF Mythic Home
214 MM Hunter (7/10H) LF guild
Delete please
Please close
LF 9.2 Raid Team
Boomy Druid LF West coast raiding guild
Returning player looking for guild
Dps/Healer Shaman LF raiding guild
250 Frost Mage LF Casual Raiding Guild
Returning for 9.2, looking for social/raiding guild
LF Small Guild H/A
Rerolling new main LF guild
[A] 246 frost mage LF H/M guild
LF casual guild
3/10H 227 WW monk returning
[H][Thrall] Returning Player LF Casual Guild
Returning Player LF Raiding Guild
[A or H] Lf guild
H warlock/mage LF daytime or nightime weekday raid
Bored player looking for a new home
Friend and I looking for guild
223 Destro Lock looking for Guild
Vanilla - Now XP Vet. I need a guild
Delete this please
Please delete post
245 Warlock LF 2-3 hour a night guild
395 demo warlock lfg
395 demo warlock lfg
MW monk mythic experience lf guild
410 ww monk/hunter LFG

Send me a bnet/discord request if interested!

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