[H][Tichondrius]<YDIH> LF DPS/Healer Core Spots Tues/Thurs 9pm-12am PST

is currently recruiting DPS and healers as we build our roster back up in preparation for Fated Raids. We are 9/9H, 3/9M but like any guild, the attendance boss snuck up on us, between real life and jobs, we are now looking to open recruit trials for Heroic and for going back into mythic as needed in prep for fated raids.


Tues/Thurs 9pm PST - 12am PST

Recruiting: Currently open recruiting any and all 465+ ilvl DPS/Healer for Heroic Reclear/Mythic once our roster is back at full strength.

Please feel free to reach out via bnet at: Lilith#12189

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5/9H Boiz!

Bumping for the bump funs

I just sent you a bnet request! These days are perfect for me.

Bumperonis, we be vibin’

Still need a 4th healer and dps

Still looking for a healer!

Still looking for some dps and a healer!

Need dem healers and dps still!

Still looking! Raid tonight! Then key grinding over the weekend!

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8/9H we climbing!

Good Afternoon! Still looking!

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Perfect time for me. Are you planning on doing Mythic or just going as far a Heroic and could you in need for a BM Hunter?


After we decided to go back to raiding, the conversation was primarily AoTC and using heroic raid to gear for pushing (Some of us are 2900+ looking to try for title this season) but with our success we decided that we would continue to recruit and slow grow the roster, obtain AoTC and have a conversation as an entire roster about doing mythic. Feel free to add me on bnet and we can chat via discord if you’d like

Will do tonight when I get home. Thanks

Look forward to speaking with you!

Tacooooo…taccooooooooo, still recruiting!