[H][Tichondrius]<Hyperbole> 5/10M 10/10H Sat/Sun Mythic Raiding

Hyperbole is a new semi-hardcore raiding guild founded by a experienced group of mythic raiders looking to push Cutting Edge. Forming during the last weeks of Castle Nathria, Hyperbole aims to push high end content throughout Shadowlands. We’re currently recruiting to fill our raid team to push for CE in SoD. Players of all skill and experience levels will be considered. We also consistently run mythic+ and occasionally run rated battlegrounds as a guild.

Raid Times:

Saturday 5 PM - 9 PM PST (8 PM - 12 AM EST)

Sunday 5 PM - 8 PM PST (8 PM - 11 PM EST)

Apply Here:

Recruitment Needs:



  • Holy Paladin

  • Mistweaver Monk

  • Restoration Druid

  • Restoration Shaman

Melee DPS:

  • Windwalker Monk

Ranged DPS:

  • Mage

  • Balance Druid

  • Shadow Priest

  • Elemental Shaman


For more info contact:


  • Lucro#11792 (Guild Master)

  • DesTroone#1163 (Raid Leader)

  • Munchi#1511 (Healers lead)


  • Lucro#6215 (Guild Master)

  • DesTroone#3576 (Raid Leader)

  • Wildross#1498 (Healers lead)

Looking for exceptional players of any class/role

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Our first mythic raid is this weekend. Apply now if you want to be there.

We’re doing a heroic clear this Thursday at 5 PM PST. Let me know if you are interested in joining.

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Looking for a few DPS for tonight’s Mythic run.