[H][Tichondrius] <We Happy Few> 11/12M LF WARLOCK IMMEDIATE

Recruitment needs:
All applicants must be 8/12M or higher.


ALSO LOOKING FOR A HEALER FOR M+. 2.5k-3k. PLEASE MESSAGE Toot#2783 (discord), Tooterpillar#1938 (bnet)

We are looking for people who enjoy mythic+, but not so much raiding, to join! We have push groups waiting for you!

Anyone with talent for their class that is not listed will always be considered. Raid spots are competitive.

Also, accepting members for mythic+ teams within the guild.

Raid Schedule:
Mythic: Tues/Thurs 6:30 - 9:30 PM PST
Heroic: Optional Wed/Sun with interest.

Our goal each tier to reach CE but, we understand people have lives outside of the game. We require over 95% raid attendance. We provide flasks/potions/food and repairs for each raid. We wish to continue our success with mythic raiding into Shadowlands. Time is required to study mythic guides, personal logs and research raid mechanics (we expect you to know the fight when you enter the raid).

How to apply:

Toot#2783 (discord)
Tooterpillar#1938 (bnet)
Tooterpop (ign)

Topannga#3207 (discord)
Topannga (ign)

/who We Happy Few and contact any member that is on and they will get an officer to contact you.

Holy SH*T are you guys the guild with the hella skater GM?? SIGN ME UP

LFM cool tony hawk skaters to join

LfM mages to join

Still LFM ranged

LF Mages, with big Combusts :stuck_out_tongue:

LF ranged DPS to join our shenanigans

Our Shenanigans are the fun kind!

LF mages and warlocks!

Mage combust requirement is >= my fang/blood/barrage combo so I stop being the one to pull threat on trash :stuck_out_tongue:

Also bump for m+ team

LF ranged DPS! Warlocks, mages, hunters! LF healers!

Come on down to Happy Town!.

LF more peeps to join for m+ and raids!

Looking for Mages with Big Combusts.

LFM! Come join a great guild!

Party like it’s 1999

Downing bosses left and right. Come join us!

Progging like it’s 1999

LFM ranged and a warrior! Almost done with Ilgy!

Ilgy slapped, Cara looking to get clapped.