[H][Thrall] The Inn Between

Hello! We are a group of tight knit friends who have been playing WoW for almost 10 years and are coming back to the game from another server and are reforming for 9.2 and beyond!

We are looking to grow our roster for the 9.2 raid and lots of M+ in the coming months, in the past we were an AOTC and over 30 KSM count team and we look forward to reaching similar numbers in 9.2.

We need any and all roles and are just looking to slowly expand our numbers and volume of people we can play with, super excited to hear from you!

We posted pretty recently and the turnout was awesome! Some background and answers to some common questions are below!

Do you raid?

We are not currently raiding as of today, but we are coming back after clearing CN and getting KSM S1, we are just trying to gear up, get toons ready for 9.2, and get KSM for this tier, which mostly consists of us sitting in discord jammin’ out and having a blast while pushing some keys.

What are your raid times?

When we do raid in 9.2, the times are going to be anywhere in the ballpark of 7-8pm EST starting time, and ending around 10-11pm EST, this is going to be twice a week once the new raid launches, so we have plenty of time to get to know each other!

What specs do you need?

In all honesty, we need it all! We have a few of everything with a lot of people willing to multi-spec, so just bring what you want to play and we will make it work!

You can reach out to me on Discord at cathagad#5057

Also can reach me in-game as Ooglboogl if you have any questions! Thanks!


your raid nights, are they typically weekdays or weekends?

Wednesday and Sunday, 8-11pm EST