[H][Thrall] <Strike Force> - Weekend Heroic Raiding

Main Raid
Saturday 8:00 - 11:00PM EST
Sunday 8:00 - 10:00PM EST (During progression)

Alt Raid
Wednesday 8PM EST

Looking for DPS, healers, and backup tanks.


Not on Thrall?
We have a community set up for people who want to raid with us but don’t feel like transferring. Reach out if you are interested.

Not a raider?
Outside of our raid teams, we are also recruiting anyone who is just looking for a social home. We’re also recruiting mythic+ focused players so we can have a solid roster of people to do mythic+ dungeons with.

Strike Force is looking for more to flesh out our rosters for heroic weekend raiding and mythic+. We’re a guild who’s been around for 20+ years in many games over the years. We like to get things done while having fun and enjoying the game.

Auburn#11617 on BattleNet (Main recruitment contact)
Seasniffer#1104 on BattleNet (Secondary contact)

Looking for more!

Looking for a guild? Come join us!

Still seeking a few more players to flesh out our raid roster!

Still playing and looking for a few more people! Send us a message if you are looking for a guild

This looks like a good fit for me. I will try to get on and get an invite tonight.

Looking for a few more as we gear up for the next tier! Reach out to one of us today or join on discord.gg/strikeforce for more information!

Looking for a tank and heals to round out our raid roster for 9.2! Come have fun with us and down some bosses too!

245 BM monk if interested

Are you looking for a Resto Druid? :herb:

Are you still looking for healers?