[H][THRALL] <RPG RESURGENCE> 10/10H 2/10M CE Focused LFM 3 nights/week looking for core

Still looking!

Need some heals yall. and Give me a hunter or 2.

Gimme a Holy Pally PLZZZZZ And Ranged DPS

Oh how I wish for a pally.

Gib pumpers and 1 heals

Just downed Stone Legions Generals tonight! Need healers and DPS for Denathrius and Mythic.

Still looking for some heals and some deeps


MAge and heals please!!!

Mage and healer pls

mages and healers would be nice

Need Heals and deeps

Give me the heaaaaallllllsssss please.

Actively recruiting DPS and Heals


10/10h, pushing into Mythic. Need bodies.

Need more peoples

Still looking for more.

2/10 M now, need people who can do mechanics and pull numbers.

Need some more DPS for Mythic Progression. Core and Backup. more Offspec tanks would be nice too!

Need some heals and some DPS