[H][Thrall] Inebriated 8/11 Heroic - LFM Late Night Raiding LF DPS! T/Th 1030-1230 EST

We are recruiting for 9.2!

We are a group of highly experienced players who achieve AoTC every tier, we have all been around for a long time and have decided just to take matters into our own hands with our own guild. This way we can ensure the guild remains active, works well together, and continues to crush content even when we are in-between patches. Our biggest goal is to achieve AoTC and KSM each patch, remain active throughout all content or lack there-of, and just have fun doing it.

We raid from 10:30 pm EST to 12:30 am EST on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Currently Recruiting

LF 260 ilvl + as we prog in SEPULCHER!

Holy Paladin

Discord is the platform we use for coms. Having a working headset with mic are required. We usually prefer to leave our channels on PTT, but we need raiders to have the ability to communicate and call out mechanics when asked.

If you’re looking for a guild that remains active all year around that is focused on AoTC and KSM, hit us up!

B-net : gL0RY#11673

Discord : justinn#0637

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Let’s get some more people!

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Specifically we are looking for:


Back up to the tippy top

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WE ARE STILL Recruiting looking for Dps w/ a Tank offspec! 9.2 is coming quick so make sure you get caught up!

Bad Girl Bump INC

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Making it top heavy again.

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I am a returning player, who has somewhat of a hope that 9.2 may be interesting where 9.1 was not. I typically play a tank, and have achieved AOTC on numerous occasions. As a MST player your later raid times would work out quite well. My current class is Blood Death Knight. Hit me up if you would like to chat.

Bnet: Jast#1641
Discord: Jast0073#6310

Weebles wobble, still searching for 230+ilvl dps; bonus points for tank OS

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still looking for DPS GAMERS!

TANKSSSSS!!! Where the gamers at???

Do you guys need a tank? 1800 M+ score, 8/10h… raid times look good for me

Still recruiting DPS!

Still looking for DPS, tank/heal OS is always a plus for them keys!

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i could be interested i am a 244ilvl bm hunter who also has atoc

your days and times seems perfect for me

my btag is chris982247#1811

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Believe someone has reached out to you!

Are you guys still actively raiding? I am on a dead server and debating on transferring but wanted to make sure a guild on a high pop realm is a good fit first. I have 4 toons that I play semi regularly.
Main - Blood/Frost DK
Paladin - all 3 specs
Warrior - Fury/Tank
Mage - Frost and sometimes playing arcane terribly. (I’m terrible at ranged so this toon won’t be my main ever)

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We are still raiding. Went 9/10 in our two hours if raiding on Tuesday, looking to finish up quick tonight. Filling in M+, rift farming, renown farming on off days. I’ll be out of town but reach out to the contact info above and have a chat.

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Hello! Yes we are still actively recruiting. Primarily DPS at this time, tank/healing offspec is always a bonus though. You can reach out to B-net : gL0RY#11673 Discord : justinn#0637 or to Baneblood#1758

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I sent a request on Disc. Thanks