[H]<The Chilluminati> AOTC/M+ | 9/9H | 1 day raid Friday 8-11PST | LF 1 Heals

The Chilluminati are looking to add to our roster of experienced raiders for Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope.

We’re an M+ and AOTC focused group seeking good performers that want to push content without dedicating excessive time to raid.

We M+ aggressively every day but reserve 1 day a week to push raid content. We’re currently at 9/9H and are looking for 1 Healer to fill out our 20 man team.

Raid time: Friday 8-11pm PST
Server: Tichondrius
Progress: 9/9H
Recruiting: 1 Healer
Message me on Discord: Haruu1863
Or in-game: Haruu#1863

See you in the World!


Still have a few spots available, especially if you’re a DH!

Still open for dps. :slight_smile:

I would like to trial, recently went back to retail from classic i mained DH in legoin and BFA , which if im being honest DH comes most natural to me,i just got my old main to 70 after getting an evoker, hunter, Spriest and shaman. Im currently on illidan server, LMK because transfering back to my vanilla launch server would be cool, Tichondrius oG

Add me in-game so we can chat - Haruu#1863

DPS still needed, Spriest and DH’s get a gold star if they join.

Updated June 16th progress - 8/9 Heroic, plus doing weekly normal Sark skip - C’mon down!

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442 spreist interested if your looking for ranged

Message me in discord Haruu1863 or in-game Haruu#1863!

Still plenty o’ room for sark farm and peeking at some early mythic bosses - Reach out today!

We’re still seeking DPS and could use 1 BA healer for dabbling into Mythic.

Pitter Patter Let’s Get Back at’er!

I added Haarru, but hmu in game or on discord.
Bnet: RisenFenix#11943
Discord: _risenfenix

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did last tier on my disc priest. but still looking for winged terrors?

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Indeed we are!

First raid of the tier Friday night! Be there or be somewhere else!

Looking for strong healers and 1 dps to finish up AoTC progression.

Juuuuuuuuuuuuust about there!

AoTC achieved! Still have a couple spots for good players.