[H]Prot Warrior LF Guild

Hey Everyone!

Returning player to WoW classic, Now I want to commit more time to wow again but all my friends don’t play anymore! Want to get involved with an active guild as a TANK roll for TBC to clear all raiding content.

I’m a reliable player that comes to raid ready to play full buffs + consumables. And I’m always looking for ways to get better. I study boss fights and keep up to date on my class. I’m on time and have a good sense of humour.

Past Retail Experiences: Us Top 10 guild on Defenestrate multi-expansions as a Ele Shammy in retail.
Past Classic Experiences: Cleared through MC/ BWL in classic.

However due to real life obligations, I have not done classic WoW raiding since BWL. However I’ve been in multiple guild since then and have gotten C.E in Retail.

Please reach out to me for further question via Btag, or Discord. Can do interview, or hop in discord for further discussion if needed.

Munch#11235 (BattleNet)
Munch#1616 (Discord)