Hpriest DF missing animations

Is it just me or new spells like Empyrean Blaze and Divine Favor don’t have any kind of animation when activated which is not only very lame but also in terms of visibility it’s really hard to tell when you activate them.

Power word: Life also does not have some sort of animation, I sometimes think the spell didn’t cast until I realize it’s on cd.


Yeah I noticed it too, feels very bad, my character just stands there, not even moving its hands. I doubt they give it some kind of animation becouse of how close DF is releasing.

Agreed 100%. Especially PW:L feels very… well, unnoticeable.

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I fully agree! I was so excited to see what my new DPS cooldown would look like! and… nothing. Not even glowing hands.

I hope the devs see this and can sneak something in to a later patch for these abilities! It would be a wonderful addition to the spec!

I’ve been tweeting daily about Mind Spike missing an animation. I was really hoping the animation was hidden in a build somewhere, but alas… Surge of Light procs are also using mana.