[h]<passive aggressive> 9/12m lf tank

Passive Aggressive (Illidan) has been raiding together since March and Mythic progression in mid-April. We are currently 9/12M in Nya’lotha. Our raid times are rather casual, but have a serious approach to our time allotted. Raiders are expected to come prepared to raids with prior knowledge of the fights, constantly looking for ways to improve their performance.

Raid Times:
Wed, Thurs - 7pm - 10pm ST (8-11 EST)
We run keys from 15s to 23s after raids and throughout the week when not raiding.

Classes Recruiting:
Tank (Any Class)
All exceptional applicants will be considered

Loot System:
We utilize LootCouncil during our Mythic raids. If an item drops as an upgrade for a player, they may elect to keep the item. If the player receiving loot does not need the item or chooses to pass on a minor upgrade, it will be delegated to the player that will be best impacted by an upgrade.

We provide cauldrons, feasts, potions, vantus and augment runes, as well as guild repairs as needed for every raid night.

Discord: Hamms#3294, polenta#0307
Bnet: Hamms#11954, Polenta#1436

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Cutting Edge coming soon. Get in while you can =) Should have a solid crew for shadowlands too