Hpally Looking for weekend guild

My name is Bryan, been playing wow on and off for years. Mained a warlock for the majority of that time but I recently took up healing on my paladin and loved it. Been gearing this character up and want to start looking to get into raiding and mythic plus. My nights off are scattered since I am a server but I always have Friday and Saturday nights off and that is when I prefer to raid. I’m looking for a guild who has a good share of people in it as well as possibly going into Mythic raiding if we have the people for it.

The Vindicated is a multi-raiding group guild with a mythic and heroic raiding team. Currently recruiting for our Heroic team (Weekend raiding). Our sole focus for this second team is to progress into Heroic and possibly Mythic

We also do mythic+ on our off days
Raid Schedule: Friday 8:00 - 11:00PM EST, Saturday 8:00 - 11:00PM EST

Current Progression (Weekend Team)

Recruitment Needs:
Tank: Full
Melee DPS: WW monk, Warrior dps
Range DPS: Balance druid, Mage
Healer: Resto druid, Holy paladin

Stereøtype - in game
Haro257#1427 - battle net
Tufflove - in game
Jericho#1227 - battle net

Bro!!! We raid fri/sat 11pm to 1am est. Just starting to push heroic. [H] Fri/Sat Heroic and M+ guild recruiting