How're you enjoying Shadowlands?

I’m like a very anti capitalist socialist communist and I think you should shell out some cash to get some good brain feels out of this expansion. My favorite since BC. I’ve been around for all the expansion releases save Legion.


Here’s my advertisement for it, which is probably the weakest advertisement ever:

I am genuinely enjoying it, the way every system and class (that I play anyway) plays out, and I’m looking forward to seeing where all the stories go next. Dungeon design is spot on, most zones are fun to play in, nothing so far has struck me as “dumb” even though I don’t like Maldraxxus too much.


If things were slightly different - I’d been more into a Fallout 4 playthrough, my friends wanted to play ESO, I found a new banger of a sandbox game I could fritter away hours in, etc., I wouldn’t have picked it up and hearing about it from other people wouldn’t have brought me back.


I’m with Gwyneth. Most I’ve enjoyed with WoW since MoP. Actively enjoying the content is shocking, BfA and Legion didn’t have the same feel as this has.

Looking forward to more stuff to do while also juggling RP. I am ready to be busy in WoW.

Also Opherial is sighing the entire time as I actively rush head first into mobs with grapple hook only to use stealth 1 second before I engage them, faking out the pull and making them anxious.


You know I don’t think I’ve done a single poop quest this expansion.

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Surely you jest.

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We do handle a lot of a substance called anima which we’re only told is something ghost / soul residuum that everyone in the Shadowlands wants or has, it’s mathematically impossible that at least some of it doesn’t come from poop, somehow.

So fear not, Azzie, cast down logic, embrace ghostpoop.


no please thanks


There’s one in Ardenweald. Not sure if everyone gets to do it.



I’d be upset if there wasn’t one to do. Do.


Oh sorry, I forgot the core pronunciation is Ajar, right?

So fear not, Ajjie, cast down logic, embrace ghostpoop.


I’m gonna put toads in your shoes.

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That’s what I get for leaving the door to my shoe collection… ajar.

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That’s also a quest in Ardenweald

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I’ll ratify that one. I may have to start calling you “dad” though.

Most compelling pro-buy argument to date.

I find a lot of the core system design rather confusing and convoluted. Legendary crafting, for instance, isn’t super well explained ingame I feel.

However, I’m really enjoying some of the newer elements. For instance, I love Torghast. It feels really satisfying as a sort of roguelite solo dungeon experience with scaling difficulty, and I would happily play that as my primary game activity if it actually provided proper gear the way m+, raids and PVP do.

The story is like, okay overall. I don’t have any major complaints but after having played SHB, TSW/SWL and MMOs with better story and questing I’m not terribly enthusiastic about it.


I’m happy with it. I enjoyed all the zone stories overall, I think a lot of the covenant abilities are neat, and Ardenweald, Bastion, and Revendreth are all different kinds of beautiful. Maldraxxus looks disgusting, and the fact that people stitch zombies together there is dumb, but at least its ore nodes are pretty.

I don’t dislike any of the progression systems, but I do feel like there are too many of them. I’m not actually sure I know how many there are. I’m also not sure what I’m supposed to be prioritizing at any given time, so mostly I try to make gold because it makes me happier than gear drops.


Yeah BfA set the bar so low for story you’d need a shovel to trip over it. I’m not really expecting Blizzard’s best narrative effort to stack well against FFXIV or SWTOR or ESO, I’d just rather not feel like Danuser and Afrasiabi personally came to my house and dumped cold spaghetti down my pants. Is SL rising to that standard, at least?

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So far, I would say yes. However, most of the “main plot” hasn’t happened yet, and I’m not sure how seriously they’re going to be taking Sylvanas’s mission statement of setting us all free.

Also may I ask if the Zh is actually pronounced like the J in “ajar,” because I’ve been pronouncing it like the S in “measure.”

It’s like the J in “Raj.” So you were correct.