How would you feel if seals came back for paladins?

Honestly while playing a paladin in classic i dont feel like my rotation is empty, because i find the seal + judgement interaction to be very interesting. I know auras are coming back for paladins and thats great and all, but if seals came back as well i would be pretty engaged with my paladin.

Right now my paladin feels like a watered down rogue, rogue finishers are interesting things like roll the bones or envenom, paladin finishers are just single target damage, aoe damage, healing, and a straight damage buff via inquisition; maybe the devs could bake old school concepts from seals into holy power or judgement? What do you guys think?

im genuinely curious how many people enjoy seals as much as I do.


Certain things are fine in classic.

So keep them in classic.

I might be wrong, but i think more people would be happier with ‘i push a button and stuff happens’ than ‘i push a button, and i wait for stuff to might happen’.

Isn’t that is how Seal works - push a button, and then wait for stuff that might or might not happen?


I liked the way they worked in WoD, when content was a bit hard I would swap to Seal of Light to heal while taking a beating.


With how many reworks I had to suffer through as a Paladin main in TBC, nah fam, Seals can stay in classic.

We dont want Seals back.


it doesnt have to work identically to classic, im speaking more towards having different seals and having judgement apply effects depending on those seals. the numbers and exact functionality would probably be different i just want overall concept.

hope that clarifies

Didn’t they already announce seals are returning in Shadowlands?

youre thinking of auras, they said nothing of seals

They’re one of my favorite water-loving mammals, so I’d be happy with seals.


My only experience with Seals is with Classic and I can say that I don’t like it.
I didn’t like have to keep track of a 30 second buff just so Judgement could be used.


I’d like actual buffing to come back as a class option at some point, as support classes essentially no longer exist in retail.

Seals are mostly just passive self-buffs, though. Not a fan.

They should make an island full of seals like the penguin islands in Borean Tundra.

My wicked demon soul can have some fun there.


Why are you offering your opinion if you don’t know how they work?

Seals are just buffs that effect your auto attacks. In classic, they also cause your Judgement spell to do different things.

In Classic, one seal will cause your Judgement to increase holy damage taken for instance.


Anything to change from the build-spend copy paste rotation they use for every class now would be welcome by me


I personally prefer Aura’s over Seals making a return. In the current state of Paladin I do not see seals fitting in well and instead feeling more tacked on and out of place compared to Auras. Just my opinion.


Seals aren’t something that strikes me as vital to the Paladin class fantasy, and I am not a fan of adding more abilities just for the sake of adding more buttons.


I think seals would be a fun addition to the class. I’m not sure how it would fit in their rotation in the modern game.

Nah, I like my Ret Pally the way he is. If I wanted to manage short-term buffs while I auto-attacked I would play Classic.

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I accidentally read “How would you feel if seals came back as paladins?” and it was amazing. Please Blizzard, we need paladin seals.


Seal, Judge, Seal, auto-attack… That’s not a compelling rotation.

The Seal concept was interesting but poorly implemented. I don’t want that shoehorned into Live unless Blizz has a new, better take on it now.

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I hope pallies return to how they were in mists/wod. Holy was a much more fun spec and having seals for mana/healing was good design.