How will my experience be if I main Rogue?

PvP trinket is not even available yet.
Cheapshot(Stun) backstab backstab Kidneyshot(stun) backstab backstab vanish Cheapshot(stun) backstab back stab Skidneyshot backstab…preparation(resets all of Rogue skill cooldowns…)
Vanish…and repeat…

Just stun lock to kill any class in 1 vs 1 LOL

if its anything like BC (I never played vanilla) you will enjoy playing a rogue at least in BGs

Finding groups as a dps is always competitive

No utility? Rogues have distract. Every Tank LOVES distract. Great for pats.
Also Rogues can keep going and going while other classes have to recover. This makes pulls faster.

This post got bumped up to the front again. But MAN, I seriously assumed the same thing. But here we are 6 weeks after release and Mages have overran this game LOL.

Leveled a rogue while waiting for friends to get back from the borderlands.

almost caught up to my warrior and it’s crazy how much faster and easier it is. Rogues are amazing

I can almost understand why dps gets silly in dungeons, they’re near immortal outside of them.

I’m playing a Rogue now because my Rogue in vanilla was the most fun ever.

Get to 60.
5 points in Master of Deception.
3 points in Improved Sap.
Sneak deep into Ogrimmar.
Start sapping random players.

One of the main reasons I play. What can I say? I’m a man of simple pleasures.

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Ranged DPS was almost always the better choice in WoW. This time around people capitalized on it.

You promised me, you lied.

I’ve been leveling a rogue with 4 other class alts. Rogue has by far been the fastest lvling toon.

Sadly there are very few sub rogues out there in pvp, it’s manly combat sword or dagger pve heroes.

For me, it’s the peaceful nomad, until I see someone try and gank, then I camp the ganker, that is my experience as rogue main.

Rogue is fantastic in classic, and one of the best (if not the best) classes in PvP.

I disagree with most of what’s posted here.

If you want the easiest time finding groups, then you chose one of the big 3 (tank warrior, priest healing, or mage), as a veteran you know this.

I sincerely doubt you will ever be passed over for a dps slot for being a rogue. It would be for other reasons.

Listen to me, I used to be a normal nice person, I used to contribute to society. In SOM I gave rogue a try. It took months to level because you spend 99% of your time camping low level players. It’s been a year and I haven’t been able to leave STV. I spend all of my gold on simple wood to make camp fires. Don’t walk willingly into the shadows brother. You don’t play rogue, you become one. Once the shadows take over you will lose all humanity and become everything feared and hated.

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