How will my experience be if I main Rogue?

Oh yeah - take the time to level your lock picking. Most rogues will not and being able to open the doors/chests etc means you get dibs on invites.

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With a rogue you can sneak into Ironforge, camp the mage portal drop, and slaughter Alliance when their guard is down and they think they are most safe. Good times my friend, good times.


What will you be mailing him?


Ugh, my computer loves autocorrecting “mailing” to “mailing” has happened like 5 times now haha.


I mained this rogue in vanilla.

Leveling will be slow, but to be honest I never felt like I was leveling slow way back in 2004/2005. But I also had nothing to compare it to either.

PvP will be quite fun. You have a ton of control between sap, stuns and blind. Stealth allows you to be very selective about your battles. Just be prepared to be really slow in stealth. In vanilla your movement speed is reduced while stealthed.

In PvE rogues are the best the best melee DPS. People will want rogues for raids for sure, but rogues are also a very popular class. So you’ll want to push yourself and be an above average player so you’ll stand out and have a better shot at being selected for raiding. Just keep in mind melee have a harder time staying alive in raids than ranged DPS. So you’ll definitely want to bring consumables such as fire protection pots and you need to stay on your toes.

You will have 10/10 experience as one of the chosen classes of vanilla. Rogues were great at all aspects of the game. PVP, raiding, ganking, farming, etc. They are an excellent class as far as effectiveness goes.

I’d say a rogue is most useful in WSG as a defender. You can really slow down the EFC with saps, blinds, stuns and crippling poison. You don’t even have to kill them, but if you can slow them down enough so that your flag carrier is almost back by the time they leave your building your team can get to them quite easily.

Same goes for AB. Rogues are superior node defenders. Call incs and sap while you wait for your allies.

A PvP rogues is all about control.

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Yep. Basically just pickpocket everything you can. You’ll get plenty of locked junkboxes.

Rogues were fantastic in every area of Vanilla.

The hard part is that there will be A LOT of them for the re-release, so you’re going to have to step up if you want to shine.

This. But good rogues are rare - so it’s easy to differentiate yourself by not sucking.

It looks to me like you spelled “mailing” correctly. No need for it to be auto-corrected.
However, if you wanted to “main” a rogue…:wink:


Rogues are amazing if you know what you are doing. They have a TON of survivability if you have your CDs. They are the highest dps second only to warriors and it’s usually close. You can stealth almost anywhere you want. Getting attacked by horde? Vanish! Tank dies close to the end of a boss? Evasion tank! I kept onyxia on me for 10 seconds once whike the tank got br’d and the healers spamming me with heals because their lives depended on it. Sometimes if you know positioning and utility of your class you can be the last ditch effort to get the boss down. A lot of people will call bs on that but it happened. Evasion is a powerful tool.

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From a rogue that played in top guilds around the Nostalrius project and Feenix earlier:

Leveling: Leveling is a bumpy road with a lot of smooth patches. You’ll get points towards the end of every set of 10 levels where you start feeling immensely weak, but that being said generally something happens that gives you a huge spike of power lasting for a few levels. These typically align with when you get good combination swords for leveling. Typically your swords (Horde-side) starting at level 22 are only like a few blues until 60 from quests. You usually get Wingblade around 20-21 from Wailing Caverns main quest. Then a level later get the much better Outlaw Sabre (Horde exclusive) for a mainhand and that shreds through monsters easily into the 30s. At that point you get the SM/RFD swords that last you up until Maraudon (presuming available on launch) which is Thrash Blade. That alone will last you until 60 but you tend to find replacements around 58ish. A good example of this is Scholomance which can be done at 58ish. The quest series in there gives you an offhand sword called Mirah’s Song which is your preraid best in slot WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE DAL’REND SET. Why I stress that is because once you get Vis’kag from Onyxia, Mirah’s Song is your best in slot offhand so don’t vendor it. All in all, it’s middle of the pack. It’s hardly effective to stealth around except for a handful of quests, you typically just run up, spam SS, eviscerate and move on to the next one. You’ll feel weaker at 38 than you would at 35 just because of how things tend to ramp up.

Poisons - I am praying Blizzard gets this one right. The poison quest monsters had abilities associated with them to make killing them easier. The biggest significance of this is for Horde you have a 24 elite goblin at the top of a tour you’re meant to solo because Ambush drops him to 50% hp instantly. You can group but it’s a 10 min respawn and he only drops one head. People aren’t keen on sticking around. If it doesn’t work by some magic and I fully expect Blizzard to have a few dysfunctional things, you want to skip poisons entirely until 30. You don’t need poisons to use them, only to make them. If you’re Horde, you’ll do very well to make sure you get your lockpicking up to 85 beginning at level 17 (earliest level you can get lockpicking to 85 because it caps out at player level * 5) when you’re down doing the Northwatch quests. It can take a long while otherwise. Do it early.

PvP - Contrary to what a lot of people who haven’t been playing Vanilla believe, rogue power is pretty diminished now that people aren’t stupid. If you choose to just abuse them with every cooldown you’ll win fast but the next five minutes are going to be suffering for pvp. Your cooldowns are very long. Sprint is a 5 min baseline CD. As a rogue you’re required to take engineering to make casters more manageable without Cloak of Skill.

PvE - Everyone and their mother will play a rogue for the above reason. If you’re deadset on playing a rogue you have basically the only option of being quick or having friends. Playing a rogue isn’t too hard, you maintain Slice and Dice. If you’re good you pool energy and bottom out energy when you have dual crusader / crusader single (if 15 agi offhand enchant in BWL) procs. Then you vanish trinket swap. Past that it’s literally from the beginning: 1s/3s/5s/5e/3s/5s/5e and you continuously loop going from a 3 point Slice and Dice to a five point Slice and Dice, into a five point Eviscerate, into a three point Slice and Dice. The only time this changes is during Adrenaline Rush, if you have Thistle Tea/Renataki, or if you got dual crusader procs and want to get greedy so you use a 1 pt SnD to squeeze in another eviscerate in the window. That’s about all the extra PvE gimmicks you get. Unless you want to be like our rogues where you’re waiting until after main hand swings to Sinister Strike just because you get extra DPS from the attack resets and not clipping your autos so hard. Your safest bet is to find a guild early or make friends you can fall back on to get into a guild if you don’t intend on being one of the first 20 rogues of your faction.

When you do get in a guild though, make sure you’re better than the other rogues. From MC you’ll have like 10 rogues just for the dominant DPS. Once you get into AQ you have about. . . four. In Naxxramas realistically you can get by with having four to six rogues but you’d be far better off bringing two rogues and just filling them with either fire mages or really good warriors. Make sure you survive the culling at all costs.


rogues are not number 2. mage and warrior are always 1 and 2.

That happened to every class, since a lot of skills were spread out over the course of leveling all classes had those points where they suddenly got a new skill or talent that made everything seem better.

Level up lock picking if you do, sometimes you aren’t high enough in character level to open a door.

If I even see a rogue on pvp server I might try to one shot them if I am playing a class with that capabilities.

You might become a god with a key for every lock.

There are Lock boxes near ratchet I believe I can’t remember all the places to level it up and its annoying to get ask to unlock a green chest all the time have people place it in no trade slot use lockpick.

Rogues are very useful, stun locking can help in pve instances and blind.
Most of my dungeon groups had 2 rogues in them at least very common they were.

Whether you get a chance to raid is all on you, because raid groups usually require dedication or knowing someone.

Raids were hard to join, as most groups were full on melee dps, but if you were a consistent person, you’d probably find a guild to take you. What you bring to the group is top dps.

Healers in dungeons may like you, as you don’t roll on their grear, unlike mages/warlocks, and maybe even a ret paladin, claiming he needs healing gear. Expect resto druid to roll on your gear though.

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You’re going to do great. I main warrior tank and I love bringing a rogue along in the group. And in wPvP the game becomes less world of warcraft and more world of roguecraft because you will be a GOD. Rogue wPvP presence is something that strikes fear and paranoia into any zone. You’ll have fun

I now have the insatiable urge to gouge things and run behind them to backstab. I leveled a rogue to like 30 before I deleted him and that’s what most of it consisted of. I really should have bought food back then.