How will justice/conquest points work with no LFD?

I thought the issue was the crossrealm community stuff, and maybe the teleport. If you can’t randomly unlock a dungeon with a group for heroic, you won’t be able to farm points anywhere near the normal rate.

We wont get to buy our epics and gear alts? Or is there a workaround in place for full premade groups?

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I doubt they have any plans for that. As far as Blizz is concerned this game is abandonware to be milked for in-game transactions like the 70 boost.

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It seems so easily fixed though, like lower the heroic lockout to two hours, gg everyone can play but cant just spam the same thing over and over

They wont haha

You mean, like we did prior 3.3.0 ?

If they really saw it that way we’d have a cash shop for classic and tbc, but that never happened.

I’m sure they made a fair share off all those character migrations.

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Huh? How can you say there isn’t a cash shop when there most certainly is??? LOL

If they didn’t see it that way they would have managed server populations properly. That sweet transfer money payout was too good to pass up though.

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