How we looking? Disc?

Been considering switching to Priest other than Monk for 10.2 but not sure how Disc is looking compared to Mistweaver.

What do you think guys? I’m mostly in it for M+ and somewhat LFR. The goal is to push 20’s once I get over the brick wall of 18’s.

So Monk or Priest? Lol is basically what I’m going for in this post. I think?

Honestly, the class is going to be strong in m+ for sure. Yes the PI nerf and mass dispel nerf hurts, but the one thing that hits the hardest we will lose is our instant cast radiance. Other than that, the class feels pretty damn good in PTR


The Mass Dispel nerf isn’t a big deal if they design dungeons and raid fights where it’s not an absolute necessity. Even with bursting you don’t often get 5+ stacks in the same 2 minutes and its a waste to use MD if you’re <4 stacks.

Disc in 10.2 is looking to be pretty strong for M+. The DPS rotation is far less complex and they added in a strong group spot healing ability. I don’t see any reason why Disc couldn’t be the next FOTM healer for S3.


I agree with everything thats been said so far (I am maining disc next season for sure), but MW is also looking pretty strong going into next season. It’s probably to early to base it off of tuning, either way I think both are going to be strong healers for M+ and it will most likely come down to a playstyle preference. I know people hate the “play what you like” take, but in this case playing what you like should work out either way!

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So far I have found it to be a easier time with healing on a class that is ranged compare to melee. I’ve died several times already in keys by rolling into stuff.

Yeah I can see that haha. I made my pally ret this season for funsies, oh man did I get beat up initially being in melee haha. Just takes some practice, now I really enjoy ret. Disc is still where my heart lies.

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Yeah I just zone out and get lost in my spinning crane kick that I just die lol.

Lust, brez, interrupt…? Bad mobility (made worse by losing instant Radiance)? Nerfed utility in MD and PI?

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i think the only thing hold us out of top spots for M+ is priest still rather squishy

Doing some M+ testing.

Disc feels great as far as power goes. You are VERY shoehorned into playing Shadow covenant (duration increased) + mindbender and void summoner though. It is an incredible amount of our DPS and healing right now.

Ultimate Penitence is very good if you take it - but it won’t save anyone being absolutely blasted by like a high DoT right now. We still have pain supp/rapture for that so it’s not really a problem, just a ‘be forewarned’ thing.


Comp viability is usually determined by which classes are in fashion at the time. They’re not going to make Mass Dispel and PI completely irrelevant and you still have Mind Soothe.

Bear Tanks are still the meta tank and they haven’t been nerfed on the PTR. Same with Aug Evokers. That’s your b-res and hero. If you run a Priest healer then you get a Warrior, Rogue, or Boomie and a Mage or Warlock. They also haven’t nerfed Holy Paladins and they’re 80%+ of the healers pushing high keys so who knows as well.

Blizzard has designed almost every dungeon to be pretty garbage for melee which is why you’re seeing double caster comps everywhere.

I don’t really get how Disc is squishy, but Holy isn’t with the same exact defensive kit albeit swap Pain Suppression for Guardian Spirit.

our defensive(s) are lacking we are arguably the worst maybe shammy now has it worse than us but historically priests are the squishiest healer in the game when it comes to the bleeding edge.

That used to be the case in BFA and Shadowlands because I would flat out get one shot by boss mechanics on +25s and higher when Desperate Prayers was down, but this expansion it’s a lot better. We get a 20% DR every 20-30s on-top of PWS and can pre Desperate Prayer big hits. Most boss mechanics are staggered enough you almost always have one of those up.

Other classes get screwed because their 20-30% DRs are on 2-3 minute cooldowns.

thats fair i thought fade was 10% dr granted its up frequently, also were kinda carried by sporecloak.

Fade is plus the flash heal on self 10% DR too. CBF looking up the talent. all priest get it