How viable is Vengeance Demon Hunter in Mythic+ and PvP?

I’m getting to the point where I will need to start nailing down my spec for gear and traits. I have no interest in tanking raids, but I do enjoy the occasional Mythic+ and Battleground.

How is Veng DH in Mythic+ and PvP?



VDH is pretty good in BFA M+ with the right setup. It’s not a prot warrior of course, but it is certainly on the better end of tank balance. The important part is to get a TD 3 corruption, which can be abused well with your massive health pool + metamorphosis (even more health). Also get a VOP essence major for more meta procs to help you stay alive and again for more TD damage cheese.

Stat-wise most people go for a mixture of haste and vers and avoiding mastery.

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