How to turn off profession gear apperances?

Title says it all.


The Tauren lady that you meet a few times while leveling will let you do it. I forget her name, but I remmber seeing her by the tailoring trainer in the big dragon city

Edit: Mahra Treebender; still by the tailoring trainer; Valdrakken (though I’m sure she’s other spots too)


Thank you very much!


It still does not hide the mining helm accessory appropriately.


gotta talk to her every time I log in it seems like.


Yeah this thing is bugged to all hell, I talk to her and still showing the gear. Why did Blizzard add something like this that messes with people appearances and then making it annoying as hell. I mean create a damn toggle in the profession pane to show or not show equipment and be done with it.


Yeah. It seems to reset back to “show everything all the time” every time you log out.


You can right click the “buff” off. It should take away the appearance while still keeping the tools equipped.


No it’s very bugged - I right click to remove the buff, buff goes away but appearances remain.

I have to use the chef’s hat toy to remove the helm.
Pickaxe is stuck for a long time.


dang, thats a shame! I have enchanting on my main, and it worked for the weapon. I can’t, in full honesty, claim it’ll work for the other professions. This just worked for me so I thought I’d share and help others. Good luck, though!

Please for the love of god blizz fix this. I know I’m probably blowing it out of proportion, but I spend a lot of time on transmog and making all of my toons look as best I can, and now every single time I mine an ore node my entire look is thrown off by a gods damned helmet with a candle on it. Sometimes it goes away when I enter combat, Sometimes right clicking the buff actually works, but all the time I’m severely disappointed by this extra step I have to take every couple of minutes just to make my toon look presentable.


It doesn’t stick, though. I’ve been back at least 5 times and turned everything off and the next day it’s showing again. Very annoying.

Thank you thank you …couldn’t change to my herb character for some reason today but thank you I can now see my most cutie pie My Murloc on my back now on my Druid…


What you want is the addon called Leatrix Plus. It gives you options under its system menu to turn off transforms like the professions outfits, holiday turkey feathers stuff etc.


Another dumb feature…


Thank you for this!

I’ve had to install more addons for this xpac than any other, just to keep stupid buggy crap working properly, or work around idiotic design decisions.



Why this isn’t a simple toggle in our gathering journals right next to the tool slots is beyond me.

The option hidden behind the NPC (great design choice) is useless when you’re doing gathering runs, as you’re never entering combat between gathers…


Additional wrinkle/bug around this.

My DK is a miner and I have his headpiece mogged to be hidden. No matter what I do, I ALWAYS. SEE. his mining hat.

Thank you for this, had the fishing pole bug too. So I thought. Tyvm!

Actually looking for the opposite. Is there a way to keep them on? :stuck_out_tongue: