How to start battle for Azeroth content for a level boosted character?

I came back after 5 years, and had a couple of old boosts that now went to level 50. On one boosted character I caught the last of the pre-launch event and leveled up to 60 and went off to do DragonFlight stuff, and that is fine.

On the other I thought I’d do some of the material that I missed (I left during Legions). I started in ShadowLands, but talked to an old guild mate and they suggested Battle for Azeroth instead (and I was already hating the gloomy look shadowlands), so I want to switch to that.

However I can’t find anything to get me started. Online advice seems mostly out-dated. Talk to Hero’s Herald, go see the king … none of that worked.

After looking around a bit without luck then dropped all of my quests, turned on trivial quests, and went flying around StormWind looking for a breadcrumb to get me started, but no luck. Nor do any portals look like they go there for me (yet, likely not unlocked? Or maybe I don’t recognize the right name?)

So what does one have to do now to start that quest chain, or to simply travel to Kul Tiras and pick up quests, or whatever I should do to get started?

ETA: I forgot to edit the character I’m posting on. The one I’m trying to do this with is at level 53 currently.

It’s possible that the level 50 boosts have some of the BfA intro content already flagged as completed. You can use the quest completion tracker on Wowhead to check for that on a given character. You can also try taking the portal to Boralus/Zuldazar and see if you can pick up quests from the scouting map.

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Thank you, portal to Boralus was the solution. I’d been looking for something to “Kul Tiras” and hadn’t realized the city name I was looking for. Probably should have been obvious, but enough of the portals were to places I didn’t know or had forgotten that I assumed “Boralus” was somewhere in Northrend, given how it sounded like “Boreal”. Anywya, took it and the map (and some NPC) had quests for me.

Happy druid now – Thank you for your help!

(PS, same player as “Dessalines”, above, just changed over to the right character for this discussion)

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