How to: Ruin a good pvp gearing system

For the first time in years, shadowlands finally had a good and enjoyable pvp gearing system. There was no rng, just a slow and steady progression where as you got better, your gear got better.

The changes on the PTR are going to ruin any incentive to grind out pvp gear. My pvp gear will be useless in pve, and my pve gear will be useless in pvp. It’s a shame that someone was able to push this foreword and onto the ptr. This system is exactly what made me, and most of the people on my friends list, quit pvp in the first place.


I think 13 ilvls lower outside of pvp content is too dramatic, but the general idea is solid imo.


PvP gear for PvP

PvE gear for PvE

Nothing wrong with that in any capacity.


you dont know if you can acquire the scaled up pvp ilevel from pve yet. So for now this only looks like a fix for pure pve players outgearing pvp players at least early on in the season

They have used this idea before. It splits the community by forcing you to either pvp or pve. For many, any time spent pvping feels like waisted progress because the gear will be garbage in pve.


PvP already feels like wasted progress, as I don’t find PvP in WoW to be fun. I will be glad I won’t have to PvP to do PvE content next patch, it’ll be great.

The PvP gearing path was far too strong in 9.0.


Or you just do both like we did for the time from wotlk > wod


"run flags to 1800: You are now finished with your PVE gearing. "
Agreed… WAY too strong, and exacerbated by the gearing nerfs to PVE that seem to be slowly reversed without much comment.


I would tend to agree, 13 is too much but it is clear they don’t want PvE players farming PvP gear at the start of a season because it is easier.

PvP -should- be separate from PvE - when these two systems were separated the game was in the best spot it could be.


yeah dawg arena participation is dead next patch if this goes live, let pvpers fight in their ghost town i guess


all they should do is scale ilvl to your rating. if you’re 226 geared, your ilvl scales down to 207 if you’re rating is 1400. if you make it to 1600, then your gear scales to 213. it shouldnt matter where the gear comes from. the only reason we should want pvp gear is to stack versatility.

how we get gear and such is a different conversation.

edit: let me add this too. if you’re able to get 1800 in pvp and your gear scales up to 220, that gear stays 220 outside of pvp. now, what happens if your rating drops to 1400? idk, id probably prefer the gear to stay 220 outside pvp but scales down to 207 inside pvp. this is coming from a mainly pve player that would like to see gear gaps in pvp removed.

This gearing system for pvp is garbage I have no idea what you are talking about. “enjoyable” yeah maybe for the people already glad rated who get to one-shot everyone else.


i did so much rbgs at the start of the expac. it was fun AND i was motivated to get the gear to complement my pve pushing. i wont even touch pvp at the beginning of the expac if the gear goes live like this. who knows if ill drag an alt through pvp. it depends on how we get the gear in 9.1.


You didn’t have to this patch. This toon was geared >220 exclusively through m+. I have tons that were geared through both systems.

The pve gearing path felt bad this expansion because blizzard decided to nerf gear drops. Your distaste of the pve system has led you to hate the pvp gearing system for being better. That’s not a valid reason to split the community.


This descion is based on metrics. Nothing more. Ion want’s you to spend more game time grinding more gear like a slave.

Ion seldom makes descions based on player enjoyment. That’s just the way he is. It makes me sick.


You had to early on

Sorry, I’m not in the <1% of the player base that pushed for world first mythic raid progression. I didn’t have to do split runs or anything. The game shouldn’t be weakened because of the tiny portion of the community that are.


Sounds like it’s just being equalized, which will be great! :slight_smile:


Devs next patch after pvp participation drops by 90%, “we don’t know what happened”