How to make a successful Classic TBC

  1. No layering
    a. Layer hopping destroyed the economy before it even got started
    b. Cap player population on servers. You have enough data from Classic WoW to gauge levels based on trends.
    c. Merge servers down the line if you have to. There’s no game play reason not to, and #nochanges is obviously not 100% anyway.

  2. No gold/game time token for any one, anywhere
    a. Similar to above, this further crashed the economy in Classic WoW, due to an influx of players that transferred their gold token purchases to servers that didn’t have those tokens
    b. There are limits to QoL changes - this should never have been one of them

  3. Update talents/abilities as they were updated in TBC
    a. MC should never have been cleared with people in green items. The primary reason it happened is because the 1.13 talent system was already tuned properly
    b. It’s a much more genuine experience if talents are adjusted as we go along

There’s probably a lot more to be added to this list. What else do you think should be changed from how Blizzard implemented Classic WoW?

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I would like them to stick to the authenticity 100% also, but after the changes in classic- they’re likely gonna change things everywhere and it’s out of our control.

All we can do is hope and pray that it’ll be good. You never know these days.

How would you treat Servers with very big population > 1.500 Players. Throwing half of the people out destroying the server community?

Layering will come, but they need to adjust it for faction balance if they do the lazy way not balancing racials.

To clarify, my suggestion would be to initially cap the number of players that can make characters. Then implement some algorithm of number of players with activity for x amount of days/weeks, and control population from there. I don’t know the magic formula, but it’s better than just letting it overflow.

Classic TBC will be so bad and very overcrowded. TBC maps are way smaller than Azeroth so you can imagine what will happen when players on these mega servers will over populate them.
Blizzard damaged the game badly when they allowed more than 3.5 k players/server.

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It depends how they will release BC.

If they release it with a progress of the current servers, they will improve layering and let it active 99% of the time.

If they release it with a transfer to new servers option, they can either do it with layering or with population lockouts.

lol TBC will be fun because its TBC… but modern day Blizzard seems intent on running their games in to the ground.

Yes this. I see all the problems in classic and most of them will be there in BC. But you don’t have to get involved in them. There is a large number of players that don’t join the paid boost or the min/max community etc. We just play the game as intended. I’ll be playing BC when it’s released just like I did the first time it was released

No transfers. Killed my realms community

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I mean I’m a min/maxer but I don’t do boosts. But that’s what I don’t understand about this community… everyone acts like they MUST min/max or have every world buff… its like… just join a guild that doesn’t require it! Make your own raid! Though I suspect there is an amount of people who just want being carried to be acceptable… there are plenty of answers to peoples problems…

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Transfers will always be a thing. Its free money. I hope they at least do Race changes for TBC. Maybe not faction changes… but I can easily see them letting us race change because its easy money.

Thing is I don’t much care about the min/max world buff culture or the boosters. It has almost no effect on my game play. They can do what they want just as I can. There’s enough people out there who want to play the way I want to play that I can find people to play with and have fun with the game. I suppose I’m lucky to be on a server that still does dungeons without boosting but If I can find it so can others.

Exactly. Too many people complain about it though as if the MUST do what the hardcore players are doing.

Remove fly hacking is what Blizzard needs to do.

Sounds awful.

The biggest problem with all your suggestions is that they require work.

Something blizzard has made clear they don’t wish to do for their legacy servers.