How to improve Island Expeditions - an idiot's guide


I do not claim to know why players dislike this content but I know why I dislike them. There are three reasons why I dislike them; 1. The grind, 2. the terrible rng, 3. the difficulty of the mobs.

Here is how to make them more palatable:
Step 1:
-Do more to break the mob grind and add in some more events.

Step 2:
-Put in a daily quest that awards a bag with gold, some doubloons, and a 1/5 chance of a random reward from the loot pool of all islands.

Step 3:
-Give us a way to target rewards, like a purchasable item that give a small chance to drop a reward from a particular type of mob at the end of the expedition. Like “cursed pirate coin” gives a chance at pirate loot.

Step 4:
-Fix the mob difficulty especially in normal and heroic, nerf all the OP mob CCs and 1-shot mechanics, and make the enemy team less annoying.

P.S. Try to add actual fun into this content as well. I get that many of the devs are mythic+ players but a lot of players are not motivated by azerite and a pull of the slot machine.


I love the daily quest idea. That’s fantastic.


Give us a separate currency for the consumable items. They’re one of the most fun parts of Islands, and now they’re very much a complete waste to purchase, now that dubloons have actual (very expensive) permanent rewards.


That is a good idea as well. I do not think blizzard will do that though because the consumable items speed up the isles and they want us to spend as much time in there as possible.

(Holymonky) #5

I actually think Islands are much better now that in launch but there are a few things about them that make no sense at all, before I can explain the issues with islands first we need to talk a bit about what are Islands and who are they designed for:

Islands should be a form of casual end-game content for players who enjoy exploration and solving riddles at their own pace, they should be a good alternative for players who don’t like the competitive ESPORTy nature of M+.

Islands provide a dynamic environment that changes every time so players should be encouraged to explore, solve riddles, even some side-quests while working towards and end goal.

Having defined that, I can now explain what are the key factors that could be improved about islands to make them full-fill their role better:

1.- Rewards:

I believe that for every piece of content we have, the rewards should be designed with the goal of being attractive for the portion of the playerbase that is supposed to be doing that content.

So for islands in particular, we want them to be a relaxed, casual environment, so rewards like: transmog, pets, toys, mounts, professions stuff, maybe some items to help leveling alts, all make sense.

However, designing rewards around being the best source of AP is completely out of place, getting more AP has next to no value for a casual player, and in fact it attracts the most hardcore players only who will try to find ways to optimize the AP/time and won’t care about exploration.

2.- The “race” against the other faction:

From a fantasy perspective it makes sense, but from a gameplay perspective it means that you are in a bit of a rush to be done or you might lose, this goes completely against the idea of exploring the content.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually lost on an island, but I am there only for AP and to be done as quick as possible and that’s not the mentality you want from players doing islands (I’m not the player that should be doing Islands, I would rather skip them and do M+ but the weekly quest is too much AP to ignore).

Edit: @OP I would change the title a little bit, just remove the second part, starting your feedback with offensive language is never a good idea and the only thing it will achieve is that the person who reads it is less receptive of what you are about to say.


Well to be honest I do not think blizzard is even listening to feedback on IEs except for that one thread in general discussion a while back. If I remember afterwards only a minor tweak was made to IEs when many players felt they needed a complete overhaul.

(Wyldeth) #7

I like the suggestions. I would add:

I don’t like fighting the horde. It is always a nuisance. I enjoy finding big dragons and weird creatures to kill. I also enjoy finding strange portals to enter. It’s fun to save people from being stuck in rocks or poisoned by the island. It is NOT fun to have to deal with the fake horde. There should be 3 modes.
timed exploration
AI Battle

Also, in the timed exploration, it would be really neat if as you killed certain creatures, more and more difficult creatures kept showing up with better and better loot tables. So the fast you could kill monsters, the more types of monsters you would get, and the better chances at loot you could get.

Anyway, those are my suggestions for how it could be more fun. Right now, they’re what I do to relax and have some fun killing tons of monsters while occasionally being annoyed at the stupid ai horde.

(Soeroah) #8

I love the daily quest idea. Easy way for Blizzard to get me to play 2 hours a day right there.

I’d prefer them to just take all the armour out of islands and put it in the Trial of Style, and let us buy weapons through Doubloons (or a BoA token that creates a Plundered weapon for our spec as a drop instead of individual weapons), but if they’re gonna keep 350 items in Islands I think a specific vendor is the least they could do.

I would also be happy with the ability to earn a Treasure Map from doubloon bags or victorious islands, or even bought with Doubloons.

But I do think the chance of rewards should be increased, too. Will pay 1000g a week to guarantee at least one drop per victorious island.


Has far has difficulty I’m surprised your having problems. I can solo stuff if careful even in mythic.
I know that’s subjective.

I do like the adjective quests. Add them to and less AI hord/alliance sounds good to me also.

I truly believe islands have big potential.


I was going to make my own topic, but some of these ideas would make expeditions much better, and i have a couple more ideas to add.

  1. Make mobs easier to kill but also easier to die against if you don’t react to their abilities (which should give plenty of time to react to in normal mode). This makes it far more interesting and less grindy.

  2. There should be many “game modes” that revolve around gathering treasure/azerite, and all islands should be able to use several modes from the pool of available modes. By game modes i mean stuff like:
    2a. Siege a keep to steal their treasure (with siege machines and all)
    2b. Fight a random faction to control a mine
    2c. Defend a random point similar to king of the hill
    2d. Mount a dragon and do air battles for air supremacy
    2e. Collect resources and train troops (similar to warfronts but entirely player controlled and smaller scale)

You guys have already mentioned more random events and other stuff, which i think is necessary. And maybe my ideas are too much work for now, but expeditions v2 for the next expansion maybe. :wink:


Create a better system for kicking people from Islands. I got kicked from an adventure after soloing several groups while burning cooldowns. Other adventurers never asked me to join them, and I was being highly productive. Now I get nothing AND I have a 30 minute time out. It’s very unsatisfactory.


I agree with that. Nothing worse than getting a 30 minute debuff because a multiboxer or some guy and their bud do not like your mog. I was booted many, many times during my attempt to obtain my squawks mount.

(Darragar) #13

This is the sort of thing I’d love to see.

(Hazelrose) #14

These are some fantastic ideas.

Hope someone is actually listening.


Well part of the reason why I posted this topic was because blizzard said they were 'listening to feedback". I doubt they will listen since participation is high in IEs because people need to farm azerite… and everyone at blizzard knows high participation means the content is good, fun, and rewarding.



Honestly, at this point, just put a vendor that has every possible item, including mounts. Or maybe a weekly rotating vendor to keep some items exclusive.

It’s literally the worst feeling doing something with the chance at not being rewarded after a certain point. Even Apex loot boxes guarantee you a Legendary item every 30.

(Darragar) #17

I feel this would make hunting down rewards much much better, even if still a slog. I don’t know the drop rate on the pouches of doubloons but if it were bumped up a bit and things were on a vendor, or perhaps there were more doubloons on the ground on islands it would feel like it wasn’t hopeless to get what you’re after.


I’ve flat out given up on doing Island Expeditions. The lie about bumping up the drop rate and the fact that the dubloon drop rate has been nerfed has made it a complete waste of time. I get the attempt to trick people into thinking they would get more rewards but after weeks of wasting my time on them I’ve yet to see a mount or anything valuable drop for myself or anyone I’ve ran them with. Congrats to the people that have been rewarded but at this point I guarantee Blizzard already picked out the people that would get mounts and the rest of us are just grinding our wheels…

(Hazelrose) #19

This is exactly how I feel as well.

(Soeroah) #20

I really do wish we’d get a statement on at LEAST the doubloon drop rate.

They’ve GOT to be unaware the drop rate has been broken. There’s no way the intention is 100 doubloons for 250 rep or 20 doubloons for a piece of leveling gear when I’m lucky to get 20 doubloons doing the weekly quest in Heroic mode with the “increases doubloon drop rate” upgrade active.

But I’m still also waiting for some kind of improvement to the drop system. I thought the gear vendor was going to let us pick tokens for armour types do we could get a chance at what we wanted, but it turns out it’s just gear from quests.