How to get players to join your group?

(Autoattakk) #1

I’m still trying to complete N Uldir. I’ve list for hours at a time. I’m even it the instance entrance and there is no one here for hours. Suggestions?


People don’t like doing old content, even though I miss Uldir sometimes. Maybe you can ask your guild if they want to help?

(Autoattakk) #3

How is it old content? I tried everyday for hours for months to do N Uldir. One of the guild officers said he’ll take gold if I want to complete N Uldir. That’s not right.


Hi. This is the same guy from above (I have so many alts haha). I don’t know how ppl consider sth to be old content either, but that’s what they have been saying all along, so I’ll just use their words.
The current raid tier is Battle of Dazar’alor, and Uldir was the last raid tier. We literally tried to put a group for Mythic Uldir to get transmog, (the ilvl is same as Normal BoD), waited for 30 mins, and only 3 joined.
Since Blizz doesn’t increase the ilvl rewards for Uldir to encourage ppl to play BoD, no one wanna play Uldir now


Blizzard has decided to make previous content entirely irrelevant each content patch. 30 ilvl jumps, new 5 trait armor, new and better designed fights. There is no reason to run a previous content tier outside being a completionist.

Not a rose colored glasses comment, but in the old days, you had to progress from the beginning no matter when you joined. Usually a catch up to skip 1 tier but keeping the last 2 relevant. That’s no longer the design philosophy.

(Autoattakk) #6

I tried for months to run N Uldir. So blizzard is saying all those hundreds of hours trying to get a group together or trying to encourage my guild to join me was a waste of time?


This game exists in cycles. Nothing ever makes it past a few months. The people concerned about “wasting their time” often stick to permanent rewards: mounts, achievements, pets, etc.


The gear from uldir is pretty bad, especially since it lacks that extra azerite ring. Add to that it’s old content and that is why nobody wants to do it.

You will most likely see more participation towards the end of bfa or in future expansions.


I mean…what? I’m not understanding how you’re not understanding that uldir is old content?

I think BoD came out 22JAN19? Something around then so it’s been a little more than a month.

Uldir gear is junk compared to the improved drops from mythic dungeons and even timewalking.

No sense in completing uldir unless you’re a completionist or want to see the raid and boss encounters firsthand

(Autoattakk) #10

No, I seen the raid in LFR. But I’d like to complete it in N because I’ve spent all months listing pug to do it but no one would join a group with one dps.

(Jambo) #11

Of course not, why would anyone join old content? Unless they want to be a completionist or actually like the raid…like myself and others have said, it’s old content and doesn’t benefit the player to spend the time in there

(Autoattakk) #12

Because I’ve spent all my time there. I can’t believe I was the only one.

(Windlnk) #13

This right here is your big problem no one is going to join a group with 1 dps for pugging raid content. I would advise trying to join an existing transmog farm group instead (I’ve seen my guildies joining them so I know they exist) but when it comes down to it no one wants to do something as time consuming as a raid while also waiting to fill all required roles (tank/healer) since once they join the raid group they become locked out from literally all content except gathering and mob farming untill they drop group or the raid fills.