How to fix the Horde

Turalyon, Danath, Alleria, Kurdran, Genn etc are all alive. They are much closer to their original fantasy then the Thrall traitor scum Horde ever could.

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That’s part of the problem with the nasty and personal society we have these days. People feeling they only have to treat people they like, or agree with, decently.


Genn, much as I love the guy, should have died from old age by now. I’ll give people that one.

The horde does have cool characters though. They just need fleshing out.

I treat plenty of people I disagree with decently. I just don’t treat Erevien decently. He’s literally the exception/

I treat you decently for example and there’s almost nothing we agree on when it comes to WoW

No they don’t. There isn’t a single Horde character left that inspired pride whatsoever. They are traitors and two faced liars who only exist to their alliance overlords in Stormwind like Baine, Calia and Thrall who are the worst of the bunch.

This is pure opinion and nonsense.

They made peace with the alliance who would have killed us all without mercy if Sylvanas was still warchief. They are the true enemy.

OH NO! Both sides realizing that killing each other is pointless. How utterly tragic!


It’s all the same thing. As soon as you make one exception, you make another. And then someone else makes their exceptions. And so someone else makes more.

Being decent to people you want to be decent to is trivial and deserves nothing. A decent society requires you to be decent to everyone. This is what we need to all be able to get along.


He’s not getting it, so move on. Erevien is a known German fascist. Or was last I heard

You post way too much, dude.

Well, they were at war, a war Started by the horde, of course a ear ends either when one side loses, surrenders or both parties agree to end it.

At the end of the war, both parties agreed to cease the war.

That is not rocket science…

The horde was in the wrong in WC1, in WC2, and Sylvanas was leading the horde to mutual destruction with the alliance, thats just how the story went.

You can’t say you want the WC2 horde back and also say you want to the horde to be the hero of the saga, both are contradictory statements on themselves.


I don’t think he gets that though. And it’s useless trying to explain that to him. :dracthyr_nod:

When they killed Kael’thas and Zul’jin you said nothing.
When they killed Cairne, Dranosh and Varimathras you said nothing.
When they killed Nazgrim, Zaela, Malkorok and Garrosh you still said nothing.
When they killed all the original Orc heroes from the AU yet again you also said nothing.
When they killed Vol’jin you said nothing.
When they killed Rastkhan, Nathanos and Saurfang you said nothing.
When they exiled Gallywix and Sylvanas you said nothing.
When they killed Bovan and Lathos you said nothing.

The entire plot of this franchise relies on Blizzard taking away things from the Horde.

And the alliance community cheered every time knowing their own people they can root for are save from any harm always.

And I am tired to be nice when the other half of the playerbase was never able to say SOMETHING whenever the next red team killing spree started.

Being in the wrong never stopped other companies to produce content for all factions involved. Only Blizzard keeps punishing the Horde. If real Horde players had any decency they would have quit the game by now after constant abuse for the past 17 years.

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I laughed at this, but I sadly realize you actually believe what your typing right now.

Tell me where I got it wrong. The second war was the grand catastrophe was the ruinos event that got most Orcs killed. But instead of keeping alive what little remains Blizzard kept killing the new comers too. And that kind of writing got us to the point where the Horde narrative no lonmger exists cuz each time it happens repeat they keep their mouth shuts cuz they aren’t afftec by it as alliance fans.

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Sure Erevien. You got right on telling yourself the alliance has it SOOO GOOD, that we haven’t been complaining for years how blizz handles the writing for both factions

Is or is not Turalyon aka the original super hero of the alliance and one of the 5 OG paladins currently the main leader of the alliance or not?

Even when they aren’t being evil the Horde will never be the hero of the story they just continue to throw big alliance names at the player and expect everyone to just roll with it.

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Has nothing to do with what I just said in the post above yours but sure.

Blizzard loves to keep old alliance veterans alive as long as possible while throwing random nonames with paper thing lore at the Horde we can’t rood for cuz they didn’t exist prior to the MMO.

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