How to fix the Horde

From the inception of this game we had operated in two different modes and ways how Blizzard used to write the red faction so far.

  1. Make the Horde the sidekicks while the alliance gets to be the hero.

  2. Make the Horde evil so the alliance gets to be the hero yet again after the current tyrant warchief is ousted.

in order to break this pattern there is only a single way to make sure the Horde can be repaired and feel pride while playing again.

The Horde needs their own Legion expansion. Saying the alliance will be ignored for a whole expansion so the current leaders of the Horde can be finally fleshed out without being forced to cater to alliance players feelings.

I will expand on the idea later when I am back from work but if you played it before you just know how it would look like should it happen.


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I will admit. I am relatively new to the story forums but for how many years have you been proposing this argument?


Too many. You learn to filter it out. The start of every Erevien post is rough if not out right trolling. 30 replies in after folks fall for it you start to find coherent and actual conversation.


Too long. It’s to the point some of us think of the dumbest things we can say and just troll him back. He falls for it 9 times out of the 10 :rofl:

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I’m not even opposed to the premise of this post tbh.

One of my favorite questing experiences is the Suramar storyline, and while they weren’t horde t the time, it culminated on that, and Honestly, i woild like to see them and other hordd characters more.


Horde was ignored Up until Argus and before that is what Legion was for us 99% of the time. We were forced to take quests from Grand alliance names left and right.

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Oh no, you had one whole zone with tyrande. The horror of it all

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I would not even call that zone night elf tbh, given we had to suffer through Xavius mocking Malfurion so hardcore he broke the fourth wall and made people actually dislike Malf more than they already did.


I know, I just like mocking erevien and his absurdity :stuck_out_tongue:

Legion was 100% alliance content that is a fact.

And Vereesa, Khadgar, Illidan, Maiev, Velen, Turalyon, Alleria, Arator and alot of other alliance heroes who smeared it in our face that they hate the Horde through it all. If you ever had this experience you would never stop crying again.


I have to say. I am uncomfortable with the personal nature of recent characterizations of a poster. I mean, he isn’t the only one and I, for one, make an effort to not personally characterize the ones I have had exchanges with.

Lets avoid the ad hominem.

If you want to say his posts have been this or that, OK. But you don’t know him. Lets not assume thing about him that are convenient.


Nah. Erevien is absurd and will treated as such

I am the only one giving any thought to Blizzards take of “just make elves and humans and everyone is happy surley.”

Your takes are generally horrible though. It’s usually the same Make the Warcraft 2 horde great again nonsense you spout off every other week

All I can say is that if you are going take the position that ad hominem attacks are justified., you have made yourself worse. At least in my eyes.


That’s fine. Not here to please people or cater to their feelings

The warcraft 2 alliance is allowed to exist all I am asking for is equality and fairness. Not ThralL’s group of traitors who rather kill fellow Orcs before a single human soldier is harmed.

Fairness is what though? The Warcraft 2 horde is dead and gone. Granted, the alliance kept most of the same morals. But it’s pretty different from the alliance that formed in WC 2

It is a sad day when common decency is “catering”.


I show a lot of people common decency. Erevien just doesn’t deserve any. He spouts a lot of borderline vile stuff