How to fix the bots

Step 1. Stop banning them.
Step 2. Make a separate layer per server that when a bot is found, they go to that layer.
3. Make anyone that posts an action from that layer do a ghost post to the AH (we the players can’t see it, but the bots can from their layer)
4. Make sure the bots can see our actions still so they can’t tell they are on the bot layer quickly
5. Don’t let anyone on this layer layer hop with partying, phasing, instances, exc.
6. Put them in their own pvp BG bracket with all other bot layers.
7. Let them send mail but not receive mail from anything other than AH and people on that layer.

This let’s bots think they are on still effecting the players and making gold sellable and reduces their turnover rate of banned accounts, reducing their impact and visibility while fooling them into wasting more time after they have been banished to the bot layers.

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IP and Account Permaban Gold Buyers and the Sellers. Problem Solved.


Not really, VPN can make them end up banning people’s IP that did nothing g wrong.

it’s the only way to be sure!

perma ban the buyers, problem solved


Remember back in the day, when they had active GMs and the community as a whole didnt just buy gold every other week to cover raid consumes because bots set the market price, 7-9g for a single terocone is insane. What they need is to hire more GMs that actually do something. So many hacking bots in Botanica right now. level 65 mages yeah ok blizz

The bots really aren’t the problem.

The problem is open world resources are too rare for the server populations playing on them. MOST bots are running dungeons anyways.

How do you people even dream this stuff up? xD

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Banning them makes them just turn on another bot account.

By not banning them but putting them on a separate layer of the game that can’t access the other layers AH or mail, it has them use more time on the banished account, slowing down their turn around of starting a new bot account.

Try reading past the first point.

As someone already said. No one has to ban bots. Ban the buyers for 6months - perma and bots wont have any business anymore. Not that hard to figure out.

Bots are their best customers. What are you talking about. Blizzard loves bots.


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How do you detect a buyer? Or rather, what ways of detecting buyers do you feel may exist that they are unaware of and haven’t tried, which do not create an unreasonable amount of false positives?

Blizzard actively bans buyers. They know how to track them already. The ban is only 3 days though.


Oh, I see what you mean. So increase the penalty for buying gold from 3 days to 6 months.

Is it the same penalty regardless of the number of offenses?

Edit*: Is there a resource that lists the penalty times for various offenses? I didn’t know it was 3 days for buying gold, for example. Where can I find that out?

just make an ai that can detect them and strip them of all resources and labeled them with a title like i’m a cheating loser

I do’t know how it works. I only heard and read from people on forums / reddit about it being 3 day bans. If it was straight up 6months ban then the bot problem would solve itself. Bots are tracked by player reports… goldbuyers are actively tracked by blizzard themself… so…

How would it make a difference being 6 months vs 3 days?

People who buy gold would not do it anymore. It’s mostly raiders who just do it right after their raid night, knowing if they get 3 days they will be able to raid the next in that week again. If it was 6months no one of those would actually even attempt.

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Oh, that’s interesting. So, you’re saying that the knowledge of the length of the penalty (assuming first time offenders) gives them confidence to buy gold without fear that they would miss raids, even if they get caught?

And so, increasing the penalty to 6 months (or even one raid lockout, potentially) could act as a deterrent to gold buyers, and thus reduce “the bot problem?”

Yes. Exactly that. 3 days is nothing. 6months is a fourth of a whole expansion. They seemingly can’t track bots themself but obviously goldbuyers so they should expand on that in my opinion.