How to Fix PvP

I’m personally okay with not having the Gladiator Mounts come back in this system; it was just a suggestion. Maybe there can be a Mark of Conquest version that’s available to everyone and a Gladiator version with super cool effects that’s available to the Gladiators.

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War has double ranged stuns, DH has double stun, Frost DK has double stun on top of all the other micro CC, UHDK has double stun though one is short pet duration, still annoying, Warlocks have Shadowfury, Axe Toss. Mortal coil really doesn’t break on CC and though it’s ‘horror’ just like Psychic Horror I would consider it a stun.

Like, there are SO MANY of them.

The decision as to how the exclusive thing looks can feel kind of arbitrary, yeah. :dracthyr_a1: I think that more than a few times they’ve mixed up the raid and elite set but just kind of shipped it anyways.

I suppose. We’ve had exclusive tints for pvp rewards dating back to…wotlk, I think. They dabbled in some pve equivalents but those didn’t stay around (totgc chest, original incarnation of glory of the raider achievements no longer giving mounts when they stopped being current, etc).

You were doing well until you got here. This idea has already been given in the past and many don’t want it.

I personally don’t know what to say because I always got 1800~1900 and stopped (in all the alts I played) due to not wanting to have a headache with WoW’s pvp. Thanks to this, many “elitists” here ignore any type of opinion or get offended when we disagree with them, anyway…

If I agree with this idea, the argument against it would be : “You can’t get past 1800 in any season so that’s why you want the prizes via participation - git gud.”

Speaking of elitists, this implementation would hurt their ego.
Although logically speaking, it’s weird to be able to get almost everything from old Mytcs raids, and not from PvP. If I’m not mistaken there are only a few mounts and archievs that are not obtainable anymore in old raids.

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