How to fix pet heal ui

There is a duplicate post in the tech support forum that should be here , maybe a GM will pin it, I don’t know, but i will repeat what i typed in there.
If your pet icon on the action bar is stuck on pet resurrection icon and you cant heal pet anymore do the following.
1, hold down shift key and mouse over the resurrection spell and click and drag old spell off action bar
( Shift key is now default unlock spell from action bar)
2. Go in to spell book and find the " Pet Tool" ui icon and click and drag to the action bar where the old spell was ( I don’t think shift key is required to drag spell to bar)
3. once spell is on bar it should look like a gray paw with an orange halo, Click on paw and scroll to select " pet heal/ resurrect / or feed pet icon’
You will have to click on the paw and select which command you want from now on.
Hope that helps!