How to Fix Pet Battling in One Fell Swoop

I’ve always had better luck finding the Unborn Val’kyr in Sholazar Basin. Still just 3 spawn points there as well.

Actually got a two-fer in rares on this alt. I’m still here if you would like an invite to tame the Unborn Val’kyr. Just let me know and I can invite you.



I just checked, on two different realms. (EU)

On one realm there was a Valk up at the 26.1, 56.6 point.

I killed the 26.1, 56.6 Valk, and it instantly respawned in place. I killed it again, and again it respawned instantly.

I was on a level 70, WM Off.

I also then checked another realm and there was a Valk at the 25.8 56.8 spawn point.

I can’t account for the difference.

I can, I was being dumb. Forgot they don’t necessarily show up on the minimap.

Trouble with late night activities, too much of a hurry. Quick look-around and off to next waypoint.

In clear light of morning found an Unborn, and an H/H one, second place I looked.