How to fix Mage in PvP

All specs - Make alter time non-dispellable. It’s already counterable via stun. This brings it on par with dispersion / greater fade / etc. Increase cool down duration if necessary.

Make Ice Block non-mass dispellable. Sitting in a block, not being able to do anything should not be counterable. Make shattering throw and mass dispel not work on block.

Fire - Buff fire bolts and leave tier set alone in PvP. No reason to change this from PvE.

Also, make scorch not completely useless. It does zero damage.

Frost - Make cone of cold do something. It’s a waste of a global cooldown. Either buff slows of frost across the board (75%) or add a disorient to cone of cold to help with sheeping.

Everything else on frost is working good atm.

Arcane - This needs the most work obviously.

Increase damage across the board by about 5-10%.

Remove the channeling on arcane missles and make it like flurry where you get instant procs.

Add a stun (baseline) for four seconds with a short cool down. This will help arcane mages sheep / secure kills.

You’re welcome Blizzard! (lol j/k <3)

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this is bait


Looks at OP…

Remember’s the past weekend AWC…

Laughs at OP… :rofl:

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Vior at it again with the hot bait.

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Hot takes not baits.

I’d like frost to have a way to become immune to slows for a bit. I think while ice floe is activated, the mage should be able to run at 100%.

This would increase the mage’s ability to work around pillars in the arena, and it would give them more tools to counter the melee mobility creep, and more opportunities to land a cast.

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Hmm cool idea

In PvP I’d like for Frost to have some sort of anti-mobility mechanic so as to fit the theme since slows hardly to anything anymore with so much mobility all around. My idea is something like:

  • [Frostbite]: Whenever you attempt to chill a target, your target gets stacks of [Frostbite] reducing the cooldown recovery of their mobility spells and abilities by X% for Y seconds.
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I think with alter time, if they do dispell it instead of removing the buff it should remove the buff and revert you to the original position with original HP. I think that would be okay.

Popping alter time and then just getting purge spammed and you lose it instantly and you dont even get your original HP back just makes it a useless ability into some comps.