How to fix faction imbalance

Here you go kids. Call your friend that has a guildie that’s friends with the guy who works at Blizzard.

1 mega pvp server

Boom! Everyone is on one pvp server.

Discussion over, this is the winner

There’s nothing to fix, because faction imbalance isn’t a problem.

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Skeram is not a “faction balance” issue. There are definitely some “unique to this outlier server” issues at play. Maybe it’s a “Private server players do not belong on Blizzard servers” thing.

Alliance generally have more PvE players, Horde have more PvP players - but in TBC the Alliance no longer has any advantages in PvE and Horde still have strong advantages in PvP so it’s going to get worse.

You do know there is a pvp faction imbalance on most servers due to pvp racial min maxing herd mentality right? We are playing the same game?

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Seems reasonable, but is that actually true?

Like what?

In Classic, for example, Gnomes have advantages from their racials over mages (which are maybe one of the most popular classes). UD racials may be “OP” but are not at all effective against mages. The idea that horde have better racials is only true in some class vs race situations.

We don’t know what will happen in the future, but we sure can judge the past and present.

We do know what WILL happen in the future. BE racials are great, look pretty, and their paladins are better dps wise. There is a imbalance you just refuse to look at the clear stated facts. BC will be twice as worse for any alliance on the majority of the pvp servers.

not really. They certainly were not the first time around, and only ever get nerfed when M+ (PVE) becomes a thing where their racials are viable.

In BC, Belves were not the ulimate race. Arcane Explosion was considered (at the time) to be a PVE racial.

For all we know, those who roll Belves will be shunned so hard by the current Horde that they quit WoW altogether. We do not know the future.

Alliance generally have more PvE servers where they’re the majority, and Horde have more PvP servers where they’re the majority. Plus, longer queues on average for Horde in every battleground - especially AV.

The same racials from vanilla, except human weapon skill isn’t quite as good and they don’t have the only Paladins anymore, which are better in PvE. Blood elves have the better faction specific Seal than Ally as well.

Gnomes have the better PvE racial, but PvE it doesn’t actually matter - it’s not very hard and we don’t need to min/max to easily clear the content. PvP is where it matters most.

Correct. In the past, the Alliance had the numbers - but now that we have a lot of people min/maxing, Horde are dominant. Given TBC brought BE which leveled the population in the original TBC, the fact the Alliance are not the overwhelming majority is a key indicator this isn’t going to level anything out.

You don’t even know what you’re talking about. They got silence which is a pvp racial.

Blood Elves

Arcane Affinity
Racial Passive
Enchanting skill increased by 15.

Magic Resistance
Racial Passive
All resistances increased by 5.

Mana Tap
30 yd range - 30 sec cooldown
Drains 50 mana from your target and charges you with Arcane energy for 10 min. This effect stacks up to 3 times.

Arcane Torrent
Instant - 2 min cooldown
Silence all enemies within 8 yards for 2 sec. In addition, you gain 5 Rage/12 Mana/20 Energy for each charge of Mana Tap currently affecting you.
The above Mana value is indicative of a level 1 character as Mana values for this ability will scale with level.

You’re literally comparing what the are 12 years later? Lmao

For Ret. Who cares about Ret? … Why is this the sticking point? Really? Ret is relatively garbage, and always has been. — no? Point to any relevant ret players who have shown this not to be the case, ever… in the history of WoW.

And PVP - vs Mages (the most popular ranged class).

In hindsight, an AoE silence is huge - especially for classes that could use an actual interrupt like Paladin. It’s another racial where there isn’t really an Alliance comparison.

Arcane Explosion is a Mage spell, you’re thinking of Arcane Torrent - which was always an AoE silence. Also, they may not have been the ultimate race by power, but they were absolutely among the most popular.

Extremely unlikely.

Give me the case. Show me your logs. No, it isn’t. It’s a silence, but c’mon… your healer now is going to get into melee range of the enemy’s healer in a 3s match?

This is a STUPID argument. No? Show me numbers.

I will roll UD priest all day, every day over Belf for PVP. Likewise for literally every other class/race. Belf is not really good for PVP.

…what? I’m not saying that AT is good for a healer, I’m saying it’s good for melee who are already going to be in melee and might even have one interrupt or none. Paladins for example - as Ret - don’t have their own interrupt until Wrath. It’s the difference between an offensive and defensive racial.

Which are relatively garbage in 3s. There have been like no real ret PVPers… historically. None in high competition rankings.

will you people quit getting trolled

I’m not even arguing min/maxing I’m arguing that the racial isn’t bad like you say it is. Put it on a Rogue then. Undead is largely better because you can counter fears with it, or Orc or stuns, but if you’re not min/maxing (which no one should imo) at the very least you have a useful PvP racial. Humans don’t, though perception can be useful if you know there’s a rogue already.

OK. Then take Arcane Torrent on your Rogue in BC. It’s not better than Dwarf racials, or literally any other racial. It’s situational at best.

But so are all racials. Anyone who argues racials in PVP is looking for something to blame for why they are bad (imo).

An AoE silence is more situational than a racial only used against one or two classes…?

And funny, someone playing with one of the two most overpowered PvP racials in the game saying racials are irrelevant.