How to do Random BG's with alts?

How am i supposed to do random bg’s with alts??? How can i compete against a decked out 475 while im a 445. What am I supposed to do? gear my toon to end game level, and then do battlegrounds and arenas? Seriously need some advice here. I’m getting so frustrated.


yup, welcome to BFA.


You suck it up and do the best you can. You can still make yourself somewhat useful on most maps.

Simply being awake/not afk and calling inc BEFORE a node falls already puts you above most random pug players. So many random pug players wait until the last second (or even as the flag is literally being capped), before calling inc :man_facepalming:

Of course, make sure to get as much welfare gear as you can before signing up to bgs (the common sense thing to do).

yeah, its trash


You forget about gear and just do party synch bg’s. You can do 100-109’s with me. Message me Renatawow#1785

I do my DK in 30’s and my DH in 100’s, or sometimes 70’s.

Just grin and bear it is all. You’ll gear up quickly. Just have to accept a lot of deaths.


Doing BGs rewards 425 gear, you won’t have a cloak, you wont have good essences, you wont have good corruptions. You won’t have a good neck.

You’ll be in conquest gear at 445 and half as powerful as any other person. Just as the OP described.

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I think youre dreaming.

I’d suggest getting into rated. Arenas I n paticular. It seems that cr reflects someones gear a little better, especially in arena. Or their skill level.

Even with zero cr, you wont find yourself outmatched by 500k players one shotting you every game and on the occasion you face a multiglads new alt team with low cr, its literally seconds till its over and you can do another. Mixed with daily BG rewards, its great for grinding through the first tier of conquest gear to start getting 460s and 455s in your box quickly.

On that note: Unlike BGs, be prepared to be made aware of every one of your mistakes by people who know what they’re doing… I take it as helpful, even if I accidentally pissed someone off.

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The OP stated that he’s 445, it’s not great but it’s also acceptable for a random bg setting.

Now, if he was doing bgs with 50-90k health and questing greens, then yeah, that’s like playing the bg 9v10. When you are that undergeared it’s basically a waste of a slot on the team.

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Depends on what corruptions he has with 445.

If he is coming with no corruptions , he may as well be coming with 50 k health

thats part of the fun of epics, you can put someone like that in a cannon seat.

first get good your class, i can make the statement of " i can kill a 480 with my 440 alt" only because my alt isn’t a different class or spec, but basically my main from last year in terms of power.

second, get good team mates, dragonslayers do not have the pvp team mentality that you can rely on and players from servers of a certain region contribute to your chances of losing just by existing in your game. what this means is that you find or make a group to queue with, dont rely on the random group finder to give you a good team.


you dont blizz hates alts

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How dare you step into random bgs before running visions, mythic pluses, and heroic raids!


Hellooo, of course so you do the ones for the cloak and the neck. This expansion will be over soon. Just get out there and have fun in bgs is all. We’ll be down to level 50 soon enough so who, quite frankly, cares.

No, they don’t else they would punish me for the amount I have.